Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sleeping irregularly

I realised this quite some time ago: If all of a sudden you reset your circadian biological clock, like sleeping during the day and working at night, you'll have the tendency to have more frequent dreams or you can recall your dreams better than usual. It may be due to the fact that our minds are so used to be more active during the day, and thus we have better mental abilities to remember events for that period of time. But this won't work anymore once you have adjusted your body clock to reflect on your sleeping and working time. In other words, once you're used to it, you'll be back to normal.

I'm sorry, I'm just crapping. This is indeed new to me because I have somewhat limited knowledge. Most likely some seriously smart pro people out there had already studied this phenomenon and proven it to be something otherwise or insignificant with scientific evidences I lack because I'm lousy at doing anything. So please don't write this mere allegation to your college professor.

2 nods:

Tracy said...

wa i never knew u blogger this much

Junni said...

I think I'm either insanely bored or insanely stupid.