Sunday, March 15, 2009

Too messy

I really hate cleaning up my room.

Friday, March 13, 2009


No straight As, meaning it's not the best but at least I got an 1A for Sejarah. I was expecting a B or a C so I guess I'm happy enough with it =)

Mr. Hamdan will be disappointed. 4 years of BM tuition lessons under him and all I can manage is a "lovely" 3B. But I'm grateful because if it weren't for Mr. Hamdan and his profiting from my wallet, I would probably get 7D or fail instead.

As for that one heck of a ridiculous subject AKA Pendidikan Moral, I don't friggin' give a damn. And you all knew exactly why. Full stop.

Oh well, I have nothing better to do so I dug out my PMR results from 2 years ago:

O.O My grades worsen..

(I noticed the paper they used to print our lovely results this year is of the crappiest quality among the two.)