Friday, August 29, 2008

Memory loss

I am stuck at Add Math chapter 5 since the month of July. Yes, I know I am that lazy and hopeless so do not laugh. Anyway I came across one problem – reflex angle. Er.. what is that again??

If I remembered correctly, all students in Malaysia will definitely learn how to differentiate between the types of angles - acute angle, obtuse angle, reflex angle, etc. when they enter their first year of secondary. This year is my fifth and final year and all I can say to particularly no one is that I am very, very proud and at the same time ashamed of myself because I amazingly managed to forget all simple wtf identities of angles after fidgeting with life for 4 years. Incredible eh... Ironically, I am an SPM candidate, will be sitting for trial papers in another 10 days but I think I should go back to kindergarten instead. Though I am well-disciplined enough to keep track of the days left, pathetically, I am downright too lazy to make use of those precious few days left to improve my lousy-since-standard-one result. And because the internet is so captivating, I do not have the heart to leave my dear computer alone after attaining me objective i.e. to find out what is the damn meaning of reflex angle so I decisively decided to read more D.Gray-man fanfictions as if I am some over obsessed mad person that feeds on fanfictions to keep mind sane. (Inner self: Hey! You DO that EVERYDAY and since when you are sane?)

I am feeling very sleepy now because it is friggin' 4 in the morning and old grandpas and grandmas are already waking up from their sleep, laughing at my pathetic state if they got the chance while I have my butt glued to a red PVC chair writing nonsense here. I have not even packed my school bag for tomorrow! I hate my hopelessness. Depends on my mood, tomorrow might finally be the day I commit jisatsu.

Of course, Add Math homework lay forgotten.

Friday, August 22, 2008


One, two, three, four ... Six.

I have wasted six days of my holiday study spree (supposedly) bitching and not studying. I have finally proven myself to be a bitch that failed at even failing and only knew how to make my MSN contacts' lives harsher by using countdown for trial exam as display name. Originally, that countdown was meant to be a silly reminder to prepare earlier for trials. Anyhow it turned out to be totally silly and not working despite the truth is that I am quite silly myself. So for now that countdown thing's purpose is mainly denoted at making all people except me suffer. (Hey! It is for your own good too!) Yes, I am an annoying jerk that finds human torture to be rather amusing.

Do have pity. I am trying hard to find excuses for everybody to hate and hopefully kill me.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I hate clothes

(Warning! This entry is rated PG-13 for language and obscene references. Allegations of whatever scandal would not be authorised under formal jurisdiction.)

Just outside bathroom, 0150 hour

I took a very late bath because I was accidentally too damn preoccupied with countless chapters of D.gray-man fanfictions until I forgot that I was all stinky and sweaty from one whole day of doing nothing notable again. Anyway, after having myself dried with towel and as I was putting on the top piece of clothing (shirt), I encountered this same old frequent predicament; I ran out of sleeping underpants and pyjamas pants... again! Shit. Immediately I interpreted that the house's imbecilic maid must be slacking. Weird people's cupboard like mine in which the total pairs of clothes in it equals to that in the luggage of a traveler on one-week vacation, requires constant update of clothings otherwise I would have ended up in the situation I was in just now. Being the impatient easily-provoked type, I felt like firing her and sending her ass straight balik kampung but all know I could not do that for various reasons so I have left no choice but to continue habouring all-out hatred towards all fucking immigrant dipshits that I discriminately hate so much. And to make even the devils laugh at my fate, everybody had to be dead sleeping like pig at this time of the night. I simply cannot go knocking at said imbecile's door like I usually do yelling, "hey you, I need ragged underpants and bottom pyjamas now!" My mom would nag at me. My dad would beat the crap out of me. My maid would spike my foods and drinks. Fucking maids in this country have fucking bullshit rights that allow them to whine to the world like bitches if they are self-assumingly abused physically, mentally, sexually, imaginably, etc. When those people start to get bitchy, only tiresome troubles ensue. The accused would have to go to court and bla bla bla some dramatic crying stories and graphics in newspapers... Maids these days are also exposed to too much television drama.

Even though I knew this attempt was most likely futile, I went downstairs hoping to get some pants regardless. There was a slim chance that this maid of mine was actually smart enough to realise that I might ran out of pants today and leave my ragged pants outside and not sleep with them. So if anyone has access to my house's CCTV data, he or she could see me walking around the house scandalously in towel.

Confirmed. No pants for tonight. Indonesian maid was stupid down-to-earth.

Great. I have to miserably put up with uncomfortable shorts and outgoing panties tonight. (Do not ask. I think my family has this custom to wear tattered clothes at home and reserve the good-conditioned ones for outgoing activities. Torn clothes = comfortable not-on-market clothes) Tomorrow I swear I will retaliate by working some slave unlucky enough to piss the almighty me at the wrong time to death. Maybe I will start with asking her to scrub the bathrooms with toothbrush..... *grins evilly*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Being random

Voice: Che.. you are always hungry.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why am I still alive? ... and feverishly talking rubbish?

A few minutes ago my heart was stabbed countless times and I died delightfully satisfied.

I so want this picture a poster! Just a side note, it is one of the covers for DGM DVDs (best cover among all!).

OMFG! BARE SKIN AND UNTIED HAIR and slight bondage!! *drools* THANK YOU to anybody who made that image possible! Though I have to admit, his anatomy does look a bit wrong and I wonder whether does he realise that it is very dangerous to be standing in that kind of posture looking like that. Horny teens like Lavi and Allen might not have enough self-controls to resist. They might do NSFW things to him like.... (Inner self: Shuddup!)

I need to calm down. *bashes head hard against computer screen*

Okay. Now I feel like crying in emo corner. I am too stingy, too poor, too young to preorder stuff online and do not live in Japan. Limited edition products excite my suicidal impulses.

Nevertheless I live my life to the fullest to witness Kanda's utter sexiness XD

~la la la la~

I should be studying. And dang I have wasted 4 days of this one-week holiday doing absolutely nothing useful. *dies again*

Not surprising. After all, I am one big cluster of an idiot because I do things like posting something I do not want people to read but if I really do not want anybody to read I would not have posted the damn thing in the first place plus it is not like this post will definitely get read anyway when I make it sound like it would since exam is drawing near and everybody must be busy burying their heads in those goddamned text books or reference books that forever lazy people like me hates to touch and heck why am I mocking myself with such long sentence of crap when the truth is I should really be fixing my problems instead of ranting to particularly no one in the middle of the night like some kind of desperate long-winded auntie which I hate to admit it but I think I am slowly turning into one despite the fact that in reality the most long-winded auntie in the long-winded world history of tiresomely long-winded long-windedness cannot be this long-winded because by now she should be seriously running out of breath so for once I am actually grateful that there is such a thing call blogging in the cyber world that does not at all figuratively require spitting of spittle from salivary and oral mucous glands of the human body which literally means people could avoid smelling another person's stinky from all that crapping breath and.... (Inner self: Will you just SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP?!)


Monday, August 18, 2008

Versus cockroach

I am adding a new ambition to my already many goals list. One day in the future, while the fucking sun is radiating its fucking happy and oh so carefree ray of sunshine, I will personally subdue all those happy-go-lucky roaches and have them transported to burn in seven depths of hell.

The story of how I came to become an extreme cockroach hater
It was 12 midnight and I went to the kitchen to dig for food. Spotted my prey (chocolate cookies). Then started to savour one piece. Rejoiced mentally for a moment because said cookie was yummy. Took second piece. Ate whole piece in one go this time. While munching with pleasure and damn I was enjoying myself, a small dark-coloured swift-moving mass of life caught my attention. I did not turn the lights on so I could not identify it immediately. At first I thought it was a lizard but a dark-coloured one is actually quite rare in my place. It could be a cockroach but then again, I just moved in and the house is new and clean and all. So far there is no sign of any pest but I could not say it is of zero probability though... Already had that suspicion in mind, I focused my slightly near-sighted eye lenses (was not wearing specs) and HOLY SHIT! That mass was indeed one big fat cockroach! Of course, my first instinct impulse was to send that shit to hell. Without much thought, I grabbed the thermal flask. Opened the cover in less than 2 seconds. Crept stealthily until close enough. And......


Ah hah! A direct and total pwnage! But wait... That shit just fled and vanished in the darkness of under the fridge. It fucking did not die!

Fuck! Why the fuck was it not fucking boiled to its fucking hellish death? Oh! Could it be....

Reasoning skills led me to one indication - which the hot water was not fucking hot! To confirm this judgment, I gestured my hand on top of the flask's opening. And to my horror, I sensed no steam, but a slight increase in my blood pressure. To support this inference with more concrete evidence, I poured a mini puddle on the table and felt it.


Okay, now to a more intense HORROR, hot water turned out to be COLD WATER! THE HOT WATER WAS FUCKING COLD FOR FUCK'S SAKE!

Blood pressure increased drastically. I was officially diagnosed with hypertension.

EEEE!! I felt like ripping out my own hair! I cannot stand that one cockroach survived from my torture-then-kill attempt when I want it dead no matter what and I was even more pissed at the fact that I failed at killing because I stupidly used some fucking cold water to fucking BOIL a goddamned fucking cockroach! So fucking mad was I that I had no mood to blame the person in my damn house responsible for making the damn hot water cold (most likely it was maid's fault... and nature's). Instead, I blamed the world for giving that piece of shit luck to live and reproduce happily while I am wasting my study time virtually cursing it in this blah entry that nobody reads.

This ecstasy of rage made me attacked the cookies excessively, without any pleasure at all this time. No mood for slow and time-wasting savourings. Finished the whole container of one-week lasting cookies. Also, I almost wore my bottom retainer at my upper teeth due to overwhelming anger.

I made a vow on the spot (in the kitchen). One day the world shall be free of nuisance pests so that bad-tempered humanity consists of people such as I could be a little bit more civilised and cease to scare the daylights out of their goody well-mannered decent parents with dirty foul-mouthed indecent language.


The knowledge gained from this incident
Foods are good tension reliever. I stress a lot over trivial and pathetic and useless and almost all matters, no wonder I am only getting fatter and fatter.

Phew. Ranting felt good.

Great. Finally posting a new entry after so soo long but this entry had to be nonsense again. Oh well I doubt anybody would read this anyway.