Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tracy's Christmas Party

Tracy threw a potluck dinner at her place. I brought spaghetti and no one was surprised that the cook was none other than my one and only big mama.

Let's see... Jia Foong, Zhi Hui, Ee xin, Chin and Mei Ching were there too. I miss my ex-classmates. Just saying the "ex-" prefix pains me already. Oh shit I think I'm missing school. I'm supposed to be heartless remember O self? Oh well truth be told, the true me actually misses mocking them. I'm sorry people. I happily took revenge today when the opportunity knocks and I was back at being a bitch as always and man I grew to love mocking people more and more and I dare say... at that, I'm good... I know my selfish mockeries often hurt people very unlike myself whose feelings are like that of a boring rock but sometimes I really really can't help it. I'm still a sarcastic scorner who hates the world you see. So, sorry again, especially to Zhi Hui, she's the easiest among all victims to pick on. Okay I think it's time to drop this topic otherwise someone would really be searching for a voodoo doll to curse me and I'll be a battered mashed potato by the time I reach hell. I can sense from afar that I'm being hated.

Tracy lent me The Last Unicorn (1982 animated film). I just finished it. Interesting piece of work I say. Some music in it were wonderful, some were awful (I went WTF when that stupid unicorn sings one stupid song). And because I have a bad/good habit of knowing every goddamned thing about every goddamned thing I express interest in, and became my best buddies. Guess what I discovered this time: After said film's production, the main artists from the film's animation studio, Studio Topcraft, were subsequently employed by Hayao Miyazaki to work on Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and later became the core members of Studio Ghibli when it was first founded. *shocked*

The Last Unicorn is originally a novel. I feel like wanting that book.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I need stamina

Then I remembered today's evening and I'm back at feeling pathetically lame as always. I can't stand not even for half an hour of vigorous (to me only) tennis coaching, figuratively and literally. Literal because I sat down to rest my tired ass. Like fuck and I sucked! So now I'm pledging to you, from tomorrow onwards I'll keep exercising and exercising to boost stamina and lose all those WTF weights.

Must do it!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I can't believe it. I kept repeating, "Really? Really?". My mom actually let me buy a 30 x 45 cm cutting mat when I ask for it. A cutting mat costs RM34.90 which is darn expensive for a green shit- no I mean, green sheet (it's green in colour). I wasn't anticipating zero objection nor was I not certainly prepared for forbiddance but she pretty much surprised me at the end by giving the green light. I'm still having uncertainties about this because it really seemed like I've been dreaming again. Because seriously, I'd once dreamt about buying a cutting mat I longed for at an unknown store and woken up disappointed for not being able to pay up in time. Yes I wanted a craft (cutting) mat that badly. And that explains why I'm like on sugar high right now.

I have a craft knife at last too. Now I have just everything to make paper crafts! ^^ I love my kirigami tools. I love my parents, mainly because I love their money.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sleeping irregularly

I realised this quite some time ago: If all of a sudden you reset your circadian biological clock, like sleeping during the day and working at night, you'll have the tendency to have more frequent dreams or you can recall your dreams better than usual. It may be due to the fact that our minds are so used to be more active during the day, and thus we have better mental abilities to remember events for that period of time. But this won't work anymore once you have adjusted your body clock to reflect on your sleeping and working time. In other words, once you're used to it, you'll be back to normal.

I'm sorry, I'm just crapping. This is indeed new to me because I have somewhat limited knowledge. Most likely some seriously smart pro people out there had already studied this phenomenon and proven it to be something otherwise or insignificant with scientific evidences I lack because I'm lousy at doing anything. So please don't write this mere allegation to your college professor.

Monday, December 15, 2008

An absurd room

I moved the computer to my room. But in such a jumble, how can I have a chair to sit? No room has a design as screwed as mine. Please give a big applause to my great papa who made this one room so special.

It will stay this way in my room until some annoying big-brother-related 'things' are settled:
For once it's no fun playing the PC
Yellow arrow - to power plug point
Green arrow - to internet cable plug point
Red arrow - position of table desk and chair
(Excuse the chaotic wires.)

Great, my back will be crying again. Lying in prone position on the bed and using pillows to support head so that it faces the monitor for countless hours is pure torment. I wish I didn't have a spine.

Food menu: Day 4 (Last Day)

Today's menu was so ridiculous I decided not to write it down. Because I broke a new record for waking up at 4:40 PM and had air for both breakfast and lunch. But I did have Nong Shim Kimchi Cup Noodle (again) and Jell-O (AGAIN!) for early dinner. Yay! *throws confetti*

After 3 minutes of cooking time, the "on-the-go" meal for lazy people looks like this:
Korean Mee 1
Every cup of ramyun (noodle) also comes with a free disposable folding spoon. Pretty awesome don't you think so?

Front view:
Korean Mee 2
The only shortcoming is that that rich bowl of copious noodle in the picture there fools people.

If I'm living alone outside, I'll eat like the past 3 and a half days. And I would probably die young. So I guess it's best if I don't leave my parents' house when I'm older. Then I don't have to worry about house cleaning, food, rent, electricity bill, tax and "not having enough time for quality family time" (this is just an excuse), and I'll be one heck of a worthless child. Now that's what I call a great future planning =)

I know I don't have to invert it to eat it

But I like playing the digicam XD

O Jell-O, I love thee
The top part was a bit damaged because my movements were too unladylike.

Green-coloured Jell-O is (artificially) lime-flavoured. My mom never liked this flavour. She says it smells and tastes like dishwashing liquid.

Hey I just noticed. See the logo on the teaspoon handle. I don't know who but one person from my family stole borrowed it from SIA plane and forgot to return. It has been there in my house ever since I could remember. This happened a long time ago, so let's just forgive said person, yes? The bottom line is, we are that poor.

Food menu: Day 3 (14/12/08)

Breakfast menu
Air (woke up at 3:40 PM, nearly had air for lunch too)

Lunch menu
Nong Shim Shin Cup Noodle (Product of China) [!!]

Dinner menu
Supirrio Schau Essen Sausages
Milk and Cereal

Snack food
Kacang Putih
Again the crappy food from Taiwan
Cashew nuts
Jell-O [!!]

1. [!!] - awesome!!
2. The sausages tasted as fancy as its name. But what language is that?
3. I made 8 cups of Jell-O; ate 3 cups myself; 5 more left. I think I'll have no choice but to share when those.. *sigh* brethren come back.
4. I should have milk and cereal for breakfast instead.
5. The foods on today's menu are what we call a very unbalanced diet. Bad dietary habit + irregular sleep will really kill a person. Folks, don't copycat unless you're as suicidal as me.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bah I didn't sleep last night

So you see I actually don't have any right to complain about my brother's alarm clock and use all those oh so colourful vocabularies.

I'm not sleepy. Just feeling tired. But I'm hungry already. No, bodily rest deserves prior attention. But I want to eat Jell-O badly. Wait, I can't eat; need to sleep. Then again, I think I heard someone… someone old once said that sleeping with an empty stomach is bad for the human something system. Ah I can't even think properly, I really need to sleep. But why can't I stop thinking about Jell-O. Jell-O's downright awesome. No no no, no more Jell-O, no more food. But I can imagine myself eating Jell-O right now. *drools* Hey will you just stop?! Go to bed you glutton, I say go to bed and sleeeep!!

What the heck is wrong with me?

I resisted smashing an alarm clock


This message is especially from a forever PMSing sister with countless personality problems to a 14-year-old annoying brat with a baby face, an endless black hole for a stomach and a brain the size of a flea. Please identify yourself and do a self-reflection concerning your actions.

Food menu: Day 2 (13/12/08)

Breakfast menu
Air (woke up at 3 PM -_-")

Lunch menu
Nong Shim Korean Clay Pot Cup Noodle (Product of China)

Dinner menu
Baked tomatoes
Steamed-then-baked potatoes
Tuna with mayonnaise and processed cheese (baked with potatoes)

Gardenia Raisin Oatmeal (3 slices)
Meiji Panda Land Printed Biscuits (1 whole box)
Same crappy food made in Taiwan
Cashew nuts

1. I really need to reset my body clock. Otherwise I'll get fired a lot in the future.
2. Korean Clay Pot tasted the same as yesterday's Kimchi. So that means all Nong Shim Cup Noodles are awesome.
3. Until now my hands still stink of onion for peeling onions that were to be added to tuna.
4. I got cheated by Meiji Biscuits, product of Singapore. I thought the biscuits have creamy fillings like the Hello Panda ones manufactured in Thailand which I'm obsessed with, that's why I bought it. And the box is quite cute too. Now that I think of it, no wonder it was cheap, they were just plain regular biscuits with no yummy filling. I felt so TT^TT.
5. Today's diet was slightly healthier less unhealthy than yesterday's.
6. I'm so sian I made Jell-O. It'll be ready by tomorrow. My aim is to finish them all before that brat and that overage brat come back. You know this motive =P

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Food menu: Day 1 (12/12/08)

Breakfast menu
Air (what I eat when sleeping)

Lunch menu
Nong Shim Kimchi Cup Noodle (Product of China)

Dinner menu
Fried long bean omelette
Boiled green vegetable (other than its green and from the Brassicaceae family, I don't know what is it)

Snack food
Kacang Putih
Some crappy food made in Taiwan
Cashew nuts

1. I'll have the whole house to myself for 4 days. I could have walked around naked if it weren't for that idiotic maid and CCTVs.
2. Nong Shim Cup Noodle is awesome. Ajinomoto for the win.
3. I ate in my mom's room but I kept it clean, at least to human visual perception. For e.g. when I drop some crumbs I pick them up or when I spill something I wipe them dry, removing all evidences and voilà, spic-and-span; no one knows; my mom won't kill me. I'm a genius.
4. Like fuck I care about healthy/balanced diet.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Perish you !@#?!

The world ought to take this into introspective consideration: that I've problems with anger management and I get pissed at trivial things and the hissy fits I throw are always too terrifying to describe. Right now I feel like throwing barrels with 100% TNT filling at random because one spider the size of a 50 cent coin friggin' hid behind my room's cupboard and this motherfucker won't come out to let me kill it with a stupid broom. Thanks to this shit I can't sleep in peace tonight. Where can I get guarantee-kill hazardous pesticides? I don't care about drawbacks; all I want is something deadlier than the ever so useless Sheltox to spray all creepy crawlies to hell.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sandals, I'd been longing for thee

Yes I now own a pair of sandals brand name Crocodile of my size! And they look like real leathers. After so so many years since my feet outgrew Bata (cheap) sandals of largest size available, at last I found some cheap big-sized sandals in Jaya Jusco footwear department. The pair I bought (actually my mom bought) cost only RM29.90, which is damn cheap for a branded shoe. I love Ipoh's Jusco despite all its suckiness I often complained. By the way, my shoe size is 10. And it's exactly double of my mom's; she wears shoes of size 5.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Stupid clutch made me mati engine 3 times

So this was my second experience with a steering wheel. I really really manipulated the steering system of a real car like a real driver for real! Yes I did! Well my first was that of Genting Theme Park's bumper car with just one foot pedal. And when my height was below 137cm, I rode the kid's one. Then after I grew taller only was I allowed going for the adult's one. Back to the main topic, today's 3-hour driving lesson was indeed a great feat; I'd learnt, for the lack of better terms, new stuff. But I wasn't happy at all with this lesson. The steering wheel was awfully sticky as a result of recurring contact with human sweaty hands I presumed. The car I used was a crappy small Perodua Kancil (Class: K-car), Malaysia's best-selling car since it's first release years ago or more publically known as Malaysia's cheapest automobile. And damn that old man instructor for smoking right next to me. According to November 11 (from Darker Than Black), passive tobacco smoke contains 680 to 823 nanograms of carcinogenic nitrosamines, way larger in amount when compared to the 5.3 to 43 nanograms in smoke inhaled directly. (True?) Go to hell yourself old hag! The road and the world are better off without irresponsible people like that jerk. Because I seriously doubt he passed as an instructor. When he told me not to buckle up my safety belt, I gave him the longest WTF look I ever gave anyone on planet Earth.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Taste buds died

It's true, I killed them. Wasabi + salt from potato chips junk food did the trick. My dad complained dinner's noodles were too salty, mom said they were fairly nice (because she herself cooked it), everything was an eating binge to my brother as usual, but said noodles tasted like flour in my mouth. Then Ceres orange juice tasted like cheap orange juice without its normal orange fruit sour.

Oh also I spent about 20 bucks on junk food after loitering at Cold Storage with Tracy today. Hence the wasabi potato chips that killed my taste bud. Tracy bought some too. I told her that we were mad. Actually I was mad first and then the reason she was mad too. Nevertheless I have no regrets. All hail (expensive) junk food! Banzai!

Thursday, December 04, 2008


No wait! I hold 'L' licence not yet =.=

This afternoon, I listened to crap again for 3 hours. But the penceramah was very funny lol. When he asks people correct or not, he says, "不对?" in a weird accent. It sounds funny because he's Malay. Not bad too as a tutor.

Though, I still managed to get myself bored enough to read Les Misérables and SMSed rubbish with Tracy during lecture.

I'm 3 more hours away from owning an 'aero' licence.

P.S. 'aero' = old Chinaman's way of pronouncing 'L'.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Family blog happy

Rediscovering the love of blogging crap.

My mom's blog (the dead blog):

My elder brother's blog (the alive blog):

That brat's blog (the half-dead blog):

My blog (the sick blog):
You're here already

My father's blog (the no blog):
Unknown User/Blog not found

My father should blog. I'll be his loyal reader... secretly. (I'm a stalking pro)

Hmm, I feel like creating a family blog. Then again, as long as I exist, it'll most definitely be spammed with nonsense.

Sok Wai no gifuto

I apologise to the world. I'm a lousy friend. Sok Wai's birthday was 10th of last month. Her present's still with me. I knew I shouldn't use the excuse of studying for SPM. As if I study seriously...

Chinese traditional thread keystring:
I make this for everyone's birthday
I'm still thinking.. how am I going to get this thing delivered?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu (KPP)

0730 hour
Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! (Stupid hand phone ringtone for alarm)

♪ Bangun pagi Gosok gigi Cuci muka Pakai Baju..... ♪

Fuck this song! I hate it because I hate mornings. But I'd no choice. Driving theory test starts at 8:30 AM and my house is located far away from civilisation. .... No I lied; I live in Jelapang which is 20 minutes away from town, only if you speed drive.

La la la I prepared myself. Each person has about 1 hour to complete the test so I thought it'll be fast. And that I don't have to bring a saviour - story book along to combat boredom.

0800 hour
Took off with mom in her car.

0825 hour
Reached Falim (sp?), the place I'll be having driving lessons after I've passed one stupid of a driving test.

0830 hour
Took off with other candidates in a van. Apparently theory tests are held at a different place.

0840 hour
Reached Rilek, the place I'm having the stupid test. Like financial institution, we had to take numbers and wait for our turns to register. My number was 19 by the way. Also it meant that there were 18 people who came earlier than me. 'I can wait I guess,' I thought. 'One person takes about 5 minutes at most, so 18 people will take...' and I started doing math calculations I learnt in primary school SRJK(C) Yuk Choy, Ipoh.

I sat on a blue chair with lots of dirt stains on it; and waited.

Time passed like watching the second hand of a clock ticking. Oops, I forgot that I get bored fast and my patience sucks. *sigh* Oh well, since I spent only like 3 hours reading that driving booklet while watching TotA episode 8 to 10 yesterday (how WTF can I get), I should read that other chiplak RM12.00 book totally made from recycled paper/toilet paper that they freaking forced us to buy.

While reading, I spotted Kay Lynn and Krishan. Actually I realised that they were here too only after they'd spotted and called me first. The irony is... I was too absorbed in reading stupid stuff to notice.

Thus, we waited. I continued reading said stupid stuff.
Okay I'd finished all 422 questions in that goddamned book.
Thank god Kay Lynn and Krishan were keeping me company. Otherwise I would have walked up to the person there at the counter and say, "I'm bored. Can I have a blade, preferably a snapped-off blade; any brand will do, to slit my wrist?"

We talked crap loads.
Alas, I regretted not bringing a story book.
One person, who was at his limit, approached the person in charge at the counter to ask what their problem for being so slow was. To our astonishment, JPJ's bull shit server was down. Without a server, they couldn't load our registrations and something something we couldn't take the test. In other words, we have to wait longer. *jaw dropped*
Kay Lynn: Can we go out for lunch?
Krishan: It's not even 12 noon. We'll wait a little longer, then ask the person.
Kay Lynn: Okay.
Me: o.o

1200 hour
-ask ask ask person-
Kay Lynn/Krishan: Still no server. They're having their lunch break at 1 o'clock. So we go out at 1 too.
Me: And we can like invite them, "Jom kita makan bersama,” and be friends and who knows, they might give us some tips for the test.

And we talked more crap and lol'd here lol'd there.

1300 hour
Kay Lynn: Let's get out here.

Kay Lynn, her what-was-his-name friend who at first I thought was her brother, Krishan and me wondered aimlessly around the shop lots below the center. Then, somehow we ended up at McDonalds' since it was nearby and we'd got no other ideas on where to eat besides McDonalds'. Kay Lynn's friend led the way. Among us, he was the only one with some sense of direction.

Reached McDonalds'. Buy fast food fast. Talked more crap. Crossed roads. Walked back to center. Bla Bla Bla.

Event to take note: The drivers on road all failed their driving tests. What happened to "pemandu harus memberi keutamaan kepada penjalan kaki di lalu lintas"? Che..

About 1400 hour
Server was still dead. So we talked crap again. One auntie with whoa...a very sharp voice came in looking for some 'ma lai zhai' and she literally talked life into server. Say, the power of high frequency sound waves!? Or perhaps Sophie's witchcraft (from Howl's Moving Castle the BOOK not Ghibli movie). She joked about it to Kay Lynn so I think she was one of Kay Lynn's acquaintances. Server was back! Thank you, auntie. I salute thee.

In the meantime, as there were 18 people before me, we gave each other pop quizzes. We had quite some fun doing so because most of the test-accepted answers to questions are of no logical bases. Also there were many terms that we don't understand but memorised them regardless. Like what the heck is "injak brek" or "suis pencucuhan"?

1540 hour
Yes my turn at last! I che'd at the mostly ridiculous questions; finished it all in 15 minutes; spent 5 minutes checking (shouldn't check at all). No wonder there're so many mat rempit in Malaysia. Some questions even repeated twice! Luckily I'm smart enough to not study in earnest for the test.

Of course, I passed. Now I'm an 'L' licence holder =)

1545 hour
Went home. Dropped dead on bed. Didn't even border to bathe.


Price paid: RM50 for registration, RM 55 for booklets and course, RM20 for licence photo
Time wasted: 5 hours listening to rubbish-talking instructors, 6 hours plus waiting like a god-forsaken bitch at Rilek (blame JPJ's oh so great server), 3 hours preparing for test (assume I didn't watch TotA)

I'm not done yet. I still have to pay an additional fee of RM350 for more shit (using my mom's money) and spend another 6 hours listening to again more shit. Why must there be so many jerk offs' shit in Malaysia?!

Monday, December 01, 2008

I want FOOOD!!

Dang I'm so hungry. And I feel like shit. Let me eat you please? I've never had human meat before. Or maybe I can have some Economy rice instead. Chap fan's like my second favourite food after human meat.

Some random piture I found thru' google image search:OMG! I WANT!
Original post at The Travelling Hungryboy
(I'm just dreaming that Ipoh stalls were as clean as that.)


Speak in...

When I talk to a person I know not, whether during phone calls or everyday interactions, I would start out by speaking in English. If the person too is an English speaker, he or she would reply in English and we could carry on with whatever crap we're talking comfortably and happily. On the other hand, if that person replies in other language/dialect like Cantonese, I would of course proceed no further than making a mental sigh and trying all sorts of ways to escape from sustaining this IMO pointless conversation. Because you know what, communicating in Cantonese is what I hate most. I'm not very confident when it comes to Mandarin likewise but at least I'm better at it than the former. As for English, I dare say I can speak fairly well; that is if you ignore the occasiona... no, frequent usage of nonsensical Malaysian-Chinaman phrases such as lah, mah, meh, and so forth.

Inability to speak decent Canton dialect is a blemish and it's troublesome to force myself, squeeze my brain just to utter, "Can I have a plate of noodle?", "How much is this plate of noodle?", "I'm your best customer. Please give me a discount on this plate of (already very cheap) noodle.", etc. in Cantonese. That's why no white elephant is better than having your mother together with you in town. Remember folks, never leave your poor mother alone at home. Filial piety, the moral excellence is to be cultivated.