Saturday, August 14, 2010


I feel sooooooooo sleepy right now.
But I feel even more lazy to put up the sheets over my bed. D:

Unmade and unfitted sheets:

I don't have a choice, do I?

NO! I DEMAND A SAY!! ....or a maid would be really helpful at times like this. Though the problem is.. I don't have one right now....

"Just fix the damn bed." A voice resounded.

*grudgingly obeys while making stupid faces and mumbling gibberish*


Sunday, January 03, 2010




Saturday, September 05, 2009

Stupid thing to do

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Nothing to do. It made me look like a smart-assed bitch. Sian..

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Willingly, I...

And so I sat down and started my homework. I'm so proud of myself for doing the impossible.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Can I cook?

I wanted to show off my egg frying skill in front of my mom but ended up breaking a bowl.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Too messy

I really hate cleaning up my room.

Friday, March 13, 2009


No straight As, meaning it's not the best but at least I got an 1A for Sejarah. I was expecting a B or a C so I guess I'm happy enough with it =)

Mr. Hamdan will be disappointed. 4 years of BM tuition lessons under him and all I can manage is a "lovely" 3B. But I'm grateful because if it weren't for Mr. Hamdan and his profiting from my wallet, I would probably get 7D or fail instead.

As for that one heck of a ridiculous subject AKA Pendidikan Moral, I don't friggin' give a damn. And you all knew exactly why. Full stop.

Oh well, I have nothing better to do so I dug out my PMR results from 2 years ago:

O.O My grades worsen..

(I noticed the paper they used to print our lovely results this year is of the crappiest quality among the two.)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Level 100 liao

You don't get the title right?

Not telling what is it anyway, hah!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ants, a girl and a dog

We all know that even if we use a normal plastic clip to seal over the neck of a cereal bag, it doesn't prevent ants from invading and stealing our precious cereal grains. It seems airtight enough to keep the cereals fresh and crunchy but I don't know why the ants in my house are very good at squeezing through the clipped opening as if their bodies are about the sizes of air molecules.

While this mystery remained unraveled, we had come up with a simple solution anyone could figure. We are to put the clipped bag of cereals into another container, preferably Tupperware brand due to it being 100% airtight, and then shut the lid tight. That would definitely take care of our problem with those little deviling bastards.

But we forgot about one important thing - limitation of human intelligence. For this latest bag of cereals opened, someone in my family was wise enough to clip the bag and put it in a rectangular container but was too stupidly wise to close the damn lid properly; one side-corner of the cover was left open for ants to build their very own Immigration and Custom Department. They did. And then, when I went down to have some cereals and milk just now in the dark of the night, the most unfortunate thing happened. My eyes missed sight of the little bastards and their activities because of two reasons. One, the ants camouflaged themselves with the common brown yucky wheat flakes of cereals. Two, I was too busy choosing the white yummy sugary pellets to notice. (Of course, the composition of cereal grains always includes a larger degree of yuckies than yummies, otherwise you wouldn't be calling cereals healthy.)

It was only after I poured the milk into my cup (I eat cereals in a cup) and spotted about 10 or so floating six-legged bastards and even unknowingly savoured few mouth spoons of whatever mixture that I realised the ants' bastardise invasion. So then and there, I uttered a profusion of colourful profanities (the word "bastard" being amongst them) as reflex. But that time my mood wasn't very colourful to take in/out all so I cooled down at a rate faster than usual; anyhow dumped my light meal into Goldie's bowl and called it a day and an eighth (time: 3 hours past midnight). At that moment I was just being stoically bored.

And my Goldie was one happy dog.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Jia Foong will hate me

Tracy SMSed me, "Jiafoong is very sad 2 not see ur sarcastic n annoying face." this evening because I didn't go to people's birthday party. Birthday girls (Jia Foong and Yee San), I give you both permissions to murder me. And even though you might hate me, I wish you a Happy Birthday.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cbox gone (for good)

The Chat box made my blog look more stupid than it already is. So I came up with this gem of an excuse to make myself sound smarter: The Cbox is an advertisement. I removed it because I wasn't happy about not getting paid for publicising their product. I should write a complaint.

That doesn't sound smart but rather greedy and even more stupid right?

And now lazy assed people who think post commenting is "hard work" can either work their lazy asses harder or easier yet, just shut up.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New! Profile

There, a stupid profile:
What a lousy profile

Yes I have one! Because... well I have no reason to not have a profile. But it's so embarrassingly stupid so I think I might have to remove it someday. Why can't I ever write a fucking decent profile?

This just proved how bored I am lately.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Oh ou moment

AHHH!! I totally forgot about my father's birthday today! I shouldn't have lost track of time and date; I didn't even realise that this year's a new year already. *sigh* I'm going to feel guilty for a while. But it's still not too late to give my regards even though we are presently in pretty bad terms and I think my existence is my father and men's worst nightmare.


Despite your bastard personality and the silent treatments we are giving each other, Happy 52nd Birthday! Man, you've grown old.

I'm not that stupid; I knew my father doesn't read stupid blogs (mine especially). This insincere message is just a pointlessly stupid way to make myself feel less guilty and prove that I [fill in this bracket with a correct verb] for papa but the truth is I'm just cheating myself again. In the end, I wished no "Happy Birthday" to the ever so busy patriarch of the house who I call the ultimate money making machine.

I hate my actions.


Scroll down this page. I added a Cbox in the sidebar for no reason whatsoever. But I know my blog has not many visitors so....

I still can't understand why most people prefer the Chat box over post comments.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tracy's Christmas Party

Tracy threw a potluck dinner at her place. I brought spaghetti and no one was surprised that the cook was none other than my one and only big mama.

Let's see... Jia Foong, Zhi Hui, Ee xin, Chin and Mei Ching were there too. I miss my ex-classmates. Just saying the "ex-" prefix pains me already. Oh shit I think I'm missing school. I'm supposed to be heartless remember O self? Oh well truth be told, the true me actually misses mocking them. I'm sorry people. I happily took revenge today when the opportunity knocks and I was back at being a bitch as always and man I grew to love mocking people more and more and I dare say... at that, I'm good... I know my selfish mockeries often hurt people very unlike myself whose feelings are like that of a boring rock but sometimes I really really can't help it. I'm still a sarcastic scorner who hates the world you see. So, sorry again, especially to Zhi Hui, she's the easiest among all victims to pick on. Okay I think it's time to drop this topic otherwise someone would really be searching for a voodoo doll to curse me and I'll be a battered mashed potato by the time I reach hell. I can sense from afar that I'm being hated.

Tracy lent me The Last Unicorn (1982 animated film). I just finished it. Interesting piece of work I say. Some music in it were wonderful, some were awful (I went WTF when that stupid unicorn sings one stupid song). And because I have a bad/good habit of knowing every goddamned thing about every goddamned thing I express interest in, and became my best buddies. Guess what I discovered this time: After said film's production, the main artists from the film's animation studio, Studio Topcraft, were subsequently employed by Hayao Miyazaki to work on Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and later became the core members of Studio Ghibli when it was first founded. *shocked*

The Last Unicorn is originally a novel. I feel like wanting that book.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I need stamina

Then I remembered today's evening and I'm back at feeling pathetically lame as always. I can't stand not even for half an hour of vigorous (to me only) tennis coaching, figuratively and literally. Literal because I sat down to rest my tired ass. Like fuck and I sucked! So now I'm pledging to you, from tomorrow onwards I'll keep exercising and exercising to boost stamina and lose all those WTF weights.

Must do it!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I can't believe it. I kept repeating, "Really? Really?". My mom actually let me buy a 30 x 45 cm cutting mat when I ask for it. A cutting mat costs RM34.90 which is darn expensive for a green shit- no I mean, green sheet (it's green in colour). I wasn't anticipating zero objection nor was I not certainly prepared for forbiddance but she pretty much surprised me at the end by giving the green light. I'm still having uncertainties about this because it really seemed like I've been dreaming again. Because seriously, I'd once dreamt about buying a cutting mat I longed for at an unknown store and woken up disappointed for not being able to pay up in time. Yes I wanted a craft (cutting) mat that badly. And that explains why I'm like on sugar high right now.

I have a craft knife at last too. Now I have just everything to make paper crafts! ^^ I love my kirigami tools. I love my parents, mainly because I love their money.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sleeping irregularly

I realised this quite some time ago: If all of a sudden you reset your circadian biological clock, like sleeping during the day and working at night, you'll have the tendency to have more frequent dreams or you can recall your dreams better than usual. It may be due to the fact that our minds are so used to be more active during the day, and thus we have better mental abilities to remember events for that period of time. But this won't work anymore once you have adjusted your body clock to reflect on your sleeping and working time. In other words, once you're used to it, you'll be back to normal.

I'm sorry, I'm just crapping. This is indeed new to me because I have somewhat limited knowledge. Most likely some seriously smart pro people out there had already studied this phenomenon and proven it to be something otherwise or insignificant with scientific evidences I lack because I'm lousy at doing anything. So please don't write this mere allegation to your college professor.

Monday, December 15, 2008

An absurd room

I moved the computer to my room. But in such a jumble, how can I have a chair to sit? No room has a design as screwed as mine. Please give a big applause to my great papa who made this one room so special.

It will stay this way in my room until some annoying big-brother-related 'things' are settled:
For once it's no fun playing the PC
Yellow arrow - to power plug point
Green arrow - to internet cable plug point
Red arrow - position of table desk and chair
(Excuse the chaotic wires.)

Great, my back will be crying again. Lying in prone position on the bed and using pillows to support head so that it faces the monitor for countless hours is pure torment. I wish I didn't have a spine.

Food menu: Day 4 (Last Day)

Today's menu was so ridiculous I decided not to write it down. Because I broke a new record for waking up at 4:40 PM and had air for both breakfast and lunch. But I did have Nong Shim Kimchi Cup Noodle (again) and Jell-O (AGAIN!) for early dinner. Yay! *throws confetti*

After 3 minutes of cooking time, the "on-the-go" meal for lazy people looks like this:
Korean Mee 1
Every cup of ramyun (noodle) also comes with a free disposable folding spoon. Pretty awesome don't you think so?

Front view:
Korean Mee 2
The only shortcoming is that that rich bowl of copious noodle in the picture there fools people.

If I'm living alone outside, I'll eat like the past 3 and a half days. And I would probably die young. So I guess it's best if I don't leave my parents' house when I'm older. Then I don't have to worry about house cleaning, food, rent, electricity bill, tax and "not having enough time for quality family time" (this is just an excuse), and I'll be one heck of a worthless child. Now that's what I call a great future planning =)