Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tracy's Christmas Party

Tracy threw a potluck dinner at her place. I brought spaghetti and no one was surprised that the cook was none other than my one and only big mama.

Let's see... Jia Foong, Zhi Hui, Ee xin, Chin and Mei Ching were there too. I miss my ex-classmates. Just saying the "ex-" prefix pains me already. Oh shit I think I'm missing school. I'm supposed to be heartless remember O self? Oh well truth be told, the true me actually misses mocking them. I'm sorry people. I happily took revenge today when the opportunity knocks and I was back at being a bitch as always and man I grew to love mocking people more and more and I dare say... at that, I'm good... I know my selfish mockeries often hurt people very unlike myself whose feelings are like that of a boring rock but sometimes I really really can't help it. I'm still a sarcastic scorner who hates the world you see. So, sorry again, especially to Zhi Hui, she's the easiest among all victims to pick on. Okay I think it's time to drop this topic otherwise someone would really be searching for a voodoo doll to curse me and I'll be a battered mashed potato by the time I reach hell. I can sense from afar that I'm being hated.

Tracy lent me The Last Unicorn (1982 animated film). I just finished it. Interesting piece of work I say. Some music in it were wonderful, some were awful (I went WTF when that stupid unicorn sings one stupid song). And because I have a bad/good habit of knowing every goddamned thing about every goddamned thing I express interest in, and became my best buddies. Guess what I discovered this time: After said film's production, the main artists from the film's animation studio, Studio Topcraft, were subsequently employed by Hayao Miyazaki to work on Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and later became the core members of Studio Ghibli when it was first founded. *shocked*

The Last Unicorn is originally a novel. I feel like wanting that book.

Friday, December 19, 2008

I need stamina

Then I remembered today's evening and I'm back at feeling pathetically lame as always. I can't stand not even for half an hour of vigorous (to me only) tennis coaching, figuratively and literally. Literal because I sat down to rest my tired ass. Like fuck and I sucked! So now I'm pledging to you, from tomorrow onwards I'll keep exercising and exercising to boost stamina and lose all those WTF weights.

Must do it!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I can't believe it. I kept repeating, "Really? Really?". My mom actually let me buy a 30 x 45 cm cutting mat when I ask for it. A cutting mat costs RM34.90 which is darn expensive for a green shit- no I mean, green sheet (it's green in colour). I wasn't anticipating zero objection nor was I not certainly prepared for forbiddance but she pretty much surprised me at the end by giving the green light. I'm still having uncertainties about this because it really seemed like I've been dreaming again. Because seriously, I'd once dreamt about buying a cutting mat I longed for at an unknown store and woken up disappointed for not being able to pay up in time. Yes I wanted a craft (cutting) mat that badly. And that explains why I'm like on sugar high right now.

I have a craft knife at last too. Now I have just everything to make paper crafts! ^^ I love my kirigami tools. I love my parents, mainly because I love their money.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sleeping irregularly

I realised this quite some time ago: If all of a sudden you reset your circadian biological clock, like sleeping during the day and working at night, you'll have the tendency to have more frequent dreams or you can recall your dreams better than usual. It may be due to the fact that our minds are so used to be more active during the day, and thus we have better mental abilities to remember events for that period of time. But this won't work anymore once you have adjusted your body clock to reflect on your sleeping and working time. In other words, once you're used to it, you'll be back to normal.

I'm sorry, I'm just crapping. This is indeed new to me because I have somewhat limited knowledge. Most likely some seriously smart pro people out there had already studied this phenomenon and proven it to be something otherwise or insignificant with scientific evidences I lack because I'm lousy at doing anything. So please don't write this mere allegation to your college professor.

Monday, December 15, 2008

An absurd room

I moved the computer to my room. But in such a jumble, how can I have a chair to sit? No room has a design as screwed as mine. Please give a big applause to my great papa who made this one room so special.

It will stay this way in my room until some annoying big-brother-related 'things' are settled:
For once it's no fun playing the PC
Yellow arrow - to power plug point
Green arrow - to internet cable plug point
Red arrow - position of table desk and chair
(Excuse the chaotic wires.)

Great, my back will be crying again. Lying in prone position on the bed and using pillows to support head so that it faces the monitor for countless hours is pure torment. I wish I didn't have a spine.

Food menu: Day 4 (Last Day)

Today's menu was so ridiculous I decided not to write it down. Because I broke a new record for waking up at 4:40 PM and had air for both breakfast and lunch. But I did have Nong Shim Kimchi Cup Noodle (again) and Jell-O (AGAIN!) for early dinner. Yay! *throws confetti*

After 3 minutes of cooking time, the "on-the-go" meal for lazy people looks like this:
Korean Mee 1
Every cup of ramyun (noodle) also comes with a free disposable folding spoon. Pretty awesome don't you think so?

Front view:
Korean Mee 2
The only shortcoming is that that rich bowl of copious noodle in the picture there fools people.

If I'm living alone outside, I'll eat like the past 3 and a half days. And I would probably die young. So I guess it's best if I don't leave my parents' house when I'm older. Then I don't have to worry about house cleaning, food, rent, electricity bill, tax and "not having enough time for quality family time" (this is just an excuse), and I'll be one heck of a worthless child. Now that's what I call a great future planning =)

I know I don't have to invert it to eat it

But I like playing the digicam XD

O Jell-O, I love thee
The top part was a bit damaged because my movements were too unladylike.

Green-coloured Jell-O is (artificially) lime-flavoured. My mom never liked this flavour. She says it smells and tastes like dishwashing liquid.

Hey I just noticed. See the logo on the teaspoon handle. I don't know who but one person from my family stole borrowed it from SIA plane and forgot to return. It has been there in my house ever since I could remember. This happened a long time ago, so let's just forgive said person, yes? The bottom line is, we are that poor.

Food menu: Day 3 (14/12/08)

Breakfast menu
Air (woke up at 3:40 PM, nearly had air for lunch too)

Lunch menu
Nong Shim Shin Cup Noodle (Product of China) [!!]

Dinner menu
Supirrio Schau Essen Sausages
Milk and Cereal

Snack food
Kacang Putih
Again the crappy food from Taiwan
Cashew nuts
Jell-O [!!]

1. [!!] - awesome!!
2. The sausages tasted as fancy as its name. But what language is that?
3. I made 8 cups of Jell-O; ate 3 cups myself; 5 more left. I think I'll have no choice but to share when those.. *sigh* brethren come back.
4. I should have milk and cereal for breakfast instead.
5. The foods on today's menu are what we call a very unbalanced diet. Bad dietary habit + irregular sleep will really kill a person. Folks, don't copycat unless you're as suicidal as me.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bah I didn't sleep last night

So you see I actually don't have any right to complain about my brother's alarm clock and use all those oh so colourful vocabularies.

I'm not sleepy. Just feeling tired. But I'm hungry already. No, bodily rest deserves prior attention. But I want to eat Jell-O badly. Wait, I can't eat; need to sleep. Then again, I think I heard someone… someone old once said that sleeping with an empty stomach is bad for the human something system. Ah I can't even think properly, I really need to sleep. But why can't I stop thinking about Jell-O. Jell-O's downright awesome. No no no, no more Jell-O, no more food. But I can imagine myself eating Jell-O right now. *drools* Hey will you just stop?! Go to bed you glutton, I say go to bed and sleeeep!!

What the heck is wrong with me?

I resisted smashing an alarm clock


This message is especially from a forever PMSing sister with countless personality problems to a 14-year-old annoying brat with a baby face, an endless black hole for a stomach and a brain the size of a flea. Please identify yourself and do a self-reflection concerning your actions.

Food menu: Day 2 (13/12/08)

Breakfast menu
Air (woke up at 3 PM -_-")

Lunch menu
Nong Shim Korean Clay Pot Cup Noodle (Product of China)

Dinner menu
Baked tomatoes
Steamed-then-baked potatoes
Tuna with mayonnaise and processed cheese (baked with potatoes)

Gardenia Raisin Oatmeal (3 slices)
Meiji Panda Land Printed Biscuits (1 whole box)
Same crappy food made in Taiwan
Cashew nuts

1. I really need to reset my body clock. Otherwise I'll get fired a lot in the future.
2. Korean Clay Pot tasted the same as yesterday's Kimchi. So that means all Nong Shim Cup Noodles are awesome.
3. Until now my hands still stink of onion for peeling onions that were to be added to tuna.
4. I got cheated by Meiji Biscuits, product of Singapore. I thought the biscuits have creamy fillings like the Hello Panda ones manufactured in Thailand which I'm obsessed with, that's why I bought it. And the box is quite cute too. Now that I think of it, no wonder it was cheap, they were just plain regular biscuits with no yummy filling. I felt so TT^TT.
5. Today's diet was slightly healthier less unhealthy than yesterday's.
6. I'm so sian I made Jell-O. It'll be ready by tomorrow. My aim is to finish them all before that brat and that overage brat come back. You know this motive =P

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Food menu: Day 1 (12/12/08)

Breakfast menu
Air (what I eat when sleeping)

Lunch menu
Nong Shim Kimchi Cup Noodle (Product of China)

Dinner menu
Fried long bean omelette
Boiled green vegetable (other than its green and from the Brassicaceae family, I don't know what is it)

Snack food
Kacang Putih
Some crappy food made in Taiwan
Cashew nuts

1. I'll have the whole house to myself for 4 days. I could have walked around naked if it weren't for that idiotic maid and CCTVs.
2. Nong Shim Cup Noodle is awesome. Ajinomoto for the win.
3. I ate in my mom's room but I kept it clean, at least to human visual perception. For e.g. when I drop some crumbs I pick them up or when I spill something I wipe them dry, removing all evidences and voilà, spic-and-span; no one knows; my mom won't kill me. I'm a genius.
4. Like fuck I care about healthy/balanced diet.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Perish you !@#?!

The world ought to take this into introspective consideration: that I've problems with anger management and I get pissed at trivial things and the hissy fits I throw are always too terrifying to describe. Right now I feel like throwing barrels with 100% TNT filling at random because one spider the size of a 50 cent coin friggin' hid behind my room's cupboard and this motherfucker won't come out to let me kill it with a stupid broom. Thanks to this shit I can't sleep in peace tonight. Where can I get guarantee-kill hazardous pesticides? I don't care about drawbacks; all I want is something deadlier than the ever so useless Sheltox to spray all creepy crawlies to hell.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sandals, I'd been longing for thee

Yes I now own a pair of sandals brand name Crocodile of my size! And they look like real leathers. After so so many years since my feet outgrew Bata (cheap) sandals of largest size available, at last I found some cheap big-sized sandals in Jaya Jusco footwear department. The pair I bought (actually my mom bought) cost only RM29.90, which is damn cheap for a branded shoe. I love Ipoh's Jusco despite all its suckiness I often complained. By the way, my shoe size is 10. And it's exactly double of my mom's; she wears shoes of size 5.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Stupid clutch made me mati engine 3 times

So this was my second experience with a steering wheel. I really really manipulated the steering system of a real car like a real driver for real! Yes I did! Well my first was that of Genting Theme Park's bumper car with just one foot pedal. And when my height was below 137cm, I rode the kid's one. Then after I grew taller only was I allowed going for the adult's one. Back to the main topic, today's 3-hour driving lesson was indeed a great feat; I'd learnt, for the lack of better terms, new stuff. But I wasn't happy at all with this lesson. The steering wheel was awfully sticky as a result of recurring contact with human sweaty hands I presumed. The car I used was a crappy small Perodua Kancil (Class: K-car), Malaysia's best-selling car since it's first release years ago or more publically known as Malaysia's cheapest automobile. And damn that old man instructor for smoking right next to me. According to November 11 (from Darker Than Black), passive tobacco smoke contains 680 to 823 nanograms of carcinogenic nitrosamines, way larger in amount when compared to the 5.3 to 43 nanograms in smoke inhaled directly. (True?) Go to hell yourself old hag! The road and the world are better off without irresponsible people like that jerk. Because I seriously doubt he passed as an instructor. When he told me not to buckle up my safety belt, I gave him the longest WTF look I ever gave anyone on planet Earth.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Taste buds died

It's true, I killed them. Wasabi + salt from potato chips junk food did the trick. My dad complained dinner's noodles were too salty, mom said they were fairly nice (because she herself cooked it), everything was an eating binge to my brother as usual, but said noodles tasted like flour in my mouth. Then Ceres orange juice tasted like cheap orange juice without its normal orange fruit sour.

Oh also I spent about 20 bucks on junk food after loitering at Cold Storage with Tracy today. Hence the wasabi potato chips that killed my taste bud. Tracy bought some too. I told her that we were mad. Actually I was mad first and then the reason she was mad too. Nevertheless I have no regrets. All hail (expensive) junk food! Banzai!

Thursday, December 04, 2008


No wait! I hold 'L' licence not yet =.=

This afternoon, I listened to crap again for 3 hours. But the penceramah was very funny lol. When he asks people correct or not, he says, "不对?" in a weird accent. It sounds funny because he's Malay. Not bad too as a tutor.

Though, I still managed to get myself bored enough to read Les Misérables and SMSed rubbish with Tracy during lecture.

I'm 3 more hours away from owning an 'aero' licence.

P.S. 'aero' = old Chinaman's way of pronouncing 'L'.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Family blog happy

Rediscovering the love of blogging crap.

My mom's blog (the dead blog):

My elder brother's blog (the alive blog):

That brat's blog (the half-dead blog):

My blog (the sick blog):
You're here already

My father's blog (the no blog):
Unknown User/Blog not found

My father should blog. I'll be his loyal reader... secretly. (I'm a stalking pro)

Hmm, I feel like creating a family blog. Then again, as long as I exist, it'll most definitely be spammed with nonsense.

Sok Wai no gifuto

I apologise to the world. I'm a lousy friend. Sok Wai's birthday was 10th of last month. Her present's still with me. I knew I shouldn't use the excuse of studying for SPM. As if I study seriously...

Chinese traditional thread keystring:
I make this for everyone's birthday
I'm still thinking.. how am I going to get this thing delivered?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kurikulum Pendidikan Pemandu (KPP)

0730 hour
Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! (Stupid hand phone ringtone for alarm)

♪ Bangun pagi Gosok gigi Cuci muka Pakai Baju..... ♪

Fuck this song! I hate it because I hate mornings. But I'd no choice. Driving theory test starts at 8:30 AM and my house is located far away from civilisation. .... No I lied; I live in Jelapang which is 20 minutes away from town, only if you speed drive.

La la la I prepared myself. Each person has about 1 hour to complete the test so I thought it'll be fast. And that I don't have to bring a saviour - story book along to combat boredom.

0800 hour
Took off with mom in her car.

0825 hour
Reached Falim (sp?), the place I'll be having driving lessons after I've passed one stupid of a driving test.

0830 hour
Took off with other candidates in a van. Apparently theory tests are held at a different place.

0840 hour
Reached Rilek, the place I'm having the stupid test. Like financial institution, we had to take numbers and wait for our turns to register. My number was 19 by the way. Also it meant that there were 18 people who came earlier than me. 'I can wait I guess,' I thought. 'One person takes about 5 minutes at most, so 18 people will take...' and I started doing math calculations I learnt in primary school SRJK(C) Yuk Choy, Ipoh.

I sat on a blue chair with lots of dirt stains on it; and waited.

Time passed like watching the second hand of a clock ticking. Oops, I forgot that I get bored fast and my patience sucks. *sigh* Oh well, since I spent only like 3 hours reading that driving booklet while watching TotA episode 8 to 10 yesterday (how WTF can I get), I should read that other chiplak RM12.00 book totally made from recycled paper/toilet paper that they freaking forced us to buy.

While reading, I spotted Kay Lynn and Krishan. Actually I realised that they were here too only after they'd spotted and called me first. The irony is... I was too absorbed in reading stupid stuff to notice.

Thus, we waited. I continued reading said stupid stuff.
Okay I'd finished all 422 questions in that goddamned book.
Thank god Kay Lynn and Krishan were keeping me company. Otherwise I would have walked up to the person there at the counter and say, "I'm bored. Can I have a blade, preferably a snapped-off blade; any brand will do, to slit my wrist?"

We talked crap loads.
Alas, I regretted not bringing a story book.
One person, who was at his limit, approached the person in charge at the counter to ask what their problem for being so slow was. To our astonishment, JPJ's bull shit server was down. Without a server, they couldn't load our registrations and something something we couldn't take the test. In other words, we have to wait longer. *jaw dropped*
Kay Lynn: Can we go out for lunch?
Krishan: It's not even 12 noon. We'll wait a little longer, then ask the person.
Kay Lynn: Okay.
Me: o.o

1200 hour
-ask ask ask person-
Kay Lynn/Krishan: Still no server. They're having their lunch break at 1 o'clock. So we go out at 1 too.
Me: And we can like invite them, "Jom kita makan bersama,” and be friends and who knows, they might give us some tips for the test.

And we talked more crap and lol'd here lol'd there.

1300 hour
Kay Lynn: Let's get out here.

Kay Lynn, her what-was-his-name friend who at first I thought was her brother, Krishan and me wondered aimlessly around the shop lots below the center. Then, somehow we ended up at McDonalds' since it was nearby and we'd got no other ideas on where to eat besides McDonalds'. Kay Lynn's friend led the way. Among us, he was the only one with some sense of direction.

Reached McDonalds'. Buy fast food fast. Talked more crap. Crossed roads. Walked back to center. Bla Bla Bla.

Event to take note: The drivers on road all failed their driving tests. What happened to "pemandu harus memberi keutamaan kepada penjalan kaki di lalu lintas"? Che..

About 1400 hour
Server was still dead. So we talked crap again. One auntie with whoa...a very sharp voice came in looking for some 'ma lai zhai' and she literally talked life into server. Say, the power of high frequency sound waves!? Or perhaps Sophie's witchcraft (from Howl's Moving Castle the BOOK not Ghibli movie). She joked about it to Kay Lynn so I think she was one of Kay Lynn's acquaintances. Server was back! Thank you, auntie. I salute thee.

In the meantime, as there were 18 people before me, we gave each other pop quizzes. We had quite some fun doing so because most of the test-accepted answers to questions are of no logical bases. Also there were many terms that we don't understand but memorised them regardless. Like what the heck is "injak brek" or "suis pencucuhan"?

1540 hour
Yes my turn at last! I che'd at the mostly ridiculous questions; finished it all in 15 minutes; spent 5 minutes checking (shouldn't check at all). No wonder there're so many mat rempit in Malaysia. Some questions even repeated twice! Luckily I'm smart enough to not study in earnest for the test.

Of course, I passed. Now I'm an 'L' licence holder =)

1545 hour
Went home. Dropped dead on bed. Didn't even border to bathe.


Price paid: RM50 for registration, RM 55 for booklets and course, RM20 for licence photo
Time wasted: 5 hours listening to rubbish-talking instructors, 6 hours plus waiting like a god-forsaken bitch at Rilek (blame JPJ's oh so great server), 3 hours preparing for test (assume I didn't watch TotA)

I'm not done yet. I still have to pay an additional fee of RM350 for more shit (using my mom's money) and spend another 6 hours listening to again more shit. Why must there be so many jerk offs' shit in Malaysia?!

Monday, December 01, 2008

I want FOOOD!!

Dang I'm so hungry. And I feel like shit. Let me eat you please? I've never had human meat before. Or maybe I can have some Economy rice instead. Chap fan's like my second favourite food after human meat.

Some random piture I found thru' google image search:OMG! I WANT!
Original post at The Travelling Hungryboy
(I'm just dreaming that Ipoh stalls were as clean as that.)


Speak in...

When I talk to a person I know not, whether during phone calls or everyday interactions, I would start out by speaking in English. If the person too is an English speaker, he or she would reply in English and we could carry on with whatever crap we're talking comfortably and happily. On the other hand, if that person replies in other language/dialect like Cantonese, I would of course proceed no further than making a mental sigh and trying all sorts of ways to escape from sustaining this IMO pointless conversation. Because you know what, communicating in Cantonese is what I hate most. I'm not very confident when it comes to Mandarin likewise but at least I'm better at it than the former. As for English, I dare say I can speak fairly well; that is if you ignore the occasiona... no, frequent usage of nonsensical Malaysian-Chinaman phrases such as lah, mah, meh, and so forth.

Inability to speak decent Canton dialect is a blemish and it's troublesome to force myself, squeeze my brain just to utter, "Can I have a plate of noodle?", "How much is this plate of noodle?", "I'm your best customer. Please give me a discount on this plate of (already very cheap) noodle.", etc. in Cantonese. That's why no white elephant is better than having your mother together with you in town. Remember folks, never leave your poor mother alone at home. Filial piety, the moral excellence is to be cultivated.

Friday, November 28, 2008


No more SPM. No more school. No more stupid text books. And I have no more intellect.. -_-

I think it was last Saturday, when I was having dinner with papa, mama and that annoying brat (younger brother) that I came up with a stupid poem, again.

It's a chinese poem. But because my chinese language is of primary standard and I got a 'B' for Bad in said language whereas 90% of the my primary classmates sitting for the same UPSR got 'A's, I need to explain a little for any human of sound mind to understand. So this short poem actually depicts two of my dogs, Goldie and Whitie's respective behaviours when they encounter stranger(s) at night. Also, my obsessive-compulsive disorder made me use '小金' as Goldie's chinese name and '小白' as Whitie's for in-all-chinese-verses' sake.



Li Bai (李白), what do you think of this crappy work of a crappy amateur like me? People say you were awesome but I'm too much of a katak di dalam microwave (© Cik. Lailatul) to know. So I googled 'li bai' and I found a picture of you and wow...

Li Bai, source: Wikipedia

Like penguin lol! Of course, that wasn't really you right? It was just some random painting done by your random fanboy/fangirl that you had never seen before in your 61 years long lifetime. But you know, if it wasn't for that 'great love for liquor' of yours, people would had drawn you anime-style and turned you into a much suaver bishonen. /crapping

Lovin' my life. I learn new things everyday =D

Just now when I type 'wo hen fei' in chinese for this post's title, my friggin' computer's input language immediately auto-completed it into '我很肥', which has the same spelling but different pinyin. ..... Fuck off! I know I'm fat alright; but I'm sad. I don't need ANYMORE reminder! Especially because a stupid narcissistic jerk (elder brother) keeps calling me F-A-T fat almost every time he sees me since his homecoming. Go back to Singapore!

mood: excited --> enraged --> excited --> enraged

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My computer has Alzheimer's disease

First I installed ESET NOD32 2.7. I'd had enough of AVG free edition. Then yesterday, I uninstalled version 2.7 and installed version 3.0 because I don't know why, the older version can't auto-update.

Today, the red Automatic Updates icon popped up in system tray,
"Windows security alerts from security center. ESET NOD32 antivirus system 2.70 reports that it might be out of date."

What the... The text displayed in hover box above antivirus icon clearly reads 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus™ 3.0.670.0 Virus signature database: 3644 (20081126)'. Out of date my foot! Stupid computer is so old it has grandpa's memory.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I really hate it when I sneeze like rocket propulsion in the middle of the quiet night. Unlike some people, I can't prevent it sometimes even if I crinkle my nose and hold in my breath. This is quite a problem because if my sneeze awakes my mom, I might receive one hell of a lecture from one hell of a stern disciplinarian AKA mommy for sitting in front of the computer at a time this late, or early... (see post time) Something forbidden like this should be done in secrecy and with absolute silence. Even now when I'm typing, I made sure that I press the keys as gently and quietly as possible whereas on normal circumstances, I wouldn't border being solicitous towards any one of my slaves (keyboard).

Obviously mommy is still happily dreaming about her eldest son's future success (she had been talking and talking about my brother this afternoon so I'm not surprise if she dreams about him) and wasn't disturbed by this time's sneeze. Otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time ranting about my pathetic fear that no one would give a damn right here right now, silly.

Speaking of which, I shouldn't be here at all. I should be studying like hell like any other responsible SPM 2008 candidate. If not I should be sleeping early and then waking up early to study and study and study as though there's no tomorrow.

14 days left till my eventual death.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lemang! I choose you!

My two previous ridiculously long entries prove that I'm a lousy blogger who failed at blogging properly like other great bloggers out there. Sometimes I really hate myself for making no sense and being so good at talking rubbish. This is one bad habit I need to change. But throughout my pathetic existence, I have been having problems dealing with my own problems. It has always been a difficulty changing any bad habit. That's why I can proudly exclaim, "I'm already seventeen but I'm still a total bad ass, be very afraid."

Before I go off-topic again like the paragraph I just typed, I'll try to cut short every crap I'm about to crap. And this will be a copycat version of another proper blogger's post; a post with photos; not with boring words only.

My mother would faint if my father brings home a second wife. She would also faint if my brothers bring home daughter-in-laws for her. But she would grow fatter if my father brings fatty food like lemang. In today's case, I'll not only have a fat and not sexy mom, we'll altogether be one big fat happy family who loves fatty food. Prior to Hari Raya (actually we used this as an excuse), my dad paid RM10 to a happy roadside Pak Cik for one big fat bamboo-stick of lemang. Everybody's happy during Lebarans.

The unhealthy food on today's lunch menu:
Lemang, but it was yum-yum.

With traditional rendang:
Spot the layer of rendang oil?
As if this lemang was not cholesteric enough, we had it with rendang uber high in cholesterol! I just gave away my secret as to why I'm so fat. And the truth is rendang oil tastes the best. There, another reason why I can never lose weight.

Set lunch menu:
A balanced diet *thumbs up*
For the fear of dying early due to heart attacks, we had green veggie and veggie omelette to cheat our fearful mentalities. These health conscious foods are very important indeed. Although, they are not as demanding as fatty lemang and rendang; we finished the lemang first and touched last the awful green veggie of yuckiness.


And finally,
The fate of a bamboo stick...
Glutinous rice in stomachs and poor empty hollowed bamboo stick abandoned under the sun. Bamboo cried cruelty!

Happy Hari Raya! =D

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Car ride and looking for food

No home cooked dinner. We ended up having McDonald's outside. How:

Papa, mama, annoying brother and I were in good mood because we're all fat and love food and tonight we were eating outside! We seldom go out for food thanks to my mother's paranoia/love so looking for good food with reasonable price is quite a big deal to this family consisting of fussy people (including me).

-In the car-
"Let's have nga choi kai (芽菜雞, Bean Sprouts Chicken) today. Lately I discovered a place famous for this cuisine," dad suggested. Much to the world's surprise, he emitted a very nice aura today.

"Famous? Then the place will be packed full of customers. We'll have to wait long." Mom stated the obvious.

"Argh, nobody here likes waiting. Why not we go McDonald's?" I made a better suggestion in my opinion. Even though my brother remained silent the entire ride, I knew he was all pumped up inside after hearing the magic word 'McDonald's'.

"McDonald's again? Nah. I don't really like burgers. We'll just try our luck. Besides, if there're too many people, we can still go to other places," mom said what I didn't wish to hear.

"But I still prefer McDonald's more than anything," I spoke to myself in a murmur, nobody noticed that I was pouting in the back seat. I love Big Mac too much and am to straight-minded to like trying new things.

-Reached the place-
"Ah, we found this place! But so many people are waiting outside..." Mom sounded a little disappointed.

Suddenly, my eyes were sparkling; too bad it was too dark to perceive anything. "Then let's go to McDonald's!" I quickly added. But I was ignored. Damn it!

"Nevermind. Let's go to Restaurant A instead," dad made another suggestion. (I can't remember the name of that restaurant so I'll call it Restaurant A.) Restaurant A is one of my father's very few favourite dinning places.

-Reached Restaurant A-
"Ai ya. Someone's having a wedding dinner. No wonder, today's a public holiday. So... where shall we go now?" Mom asked after seeing many happy relatives entering the full-of-happy-people restaurant that was doing a wonderful business thanks to one happy newly-wedded couple. Food services were 'invitation only'.

Yes now's my chance! "How about McDonald's now?"

"Guess we have no choice huh," mom finally spoke my language. I rejoiced mentally. Yes!

-Dad started maneuvering the car to position properly in a not familiar parking lot no where near McDonald's-
"Eh?! We're not going to McDonald's?"

"No, didn't I say just now, we're going to eat pork knuckles at this Brewsterhouse Restaurant!" Mom answered, she was so so excited. I was too busy drooling over an imaginary Big Mac to notice that my parents had changed their minds on the way.

So we went inside said restaurant. We were greeted by a waiter and seated. Though at first sight, I already dislike that waiter. I can tell she's the insincerely nice type from her look and speech. Ignore that. The decorations are antique. Nice ol' china encased behind glasses, ancient portraits with crafted wooden frames on wall, even the chairs and tables gave off the decades-ago feel. A typical western restaurant I say. But when we looked at the menu, our eyes were as big and wide as the china plates displayed.

Rice... rice... Japanese... Japanese... noodles... rice... Japanese.....

This is a fucking Japanese restaurant. Dad confronted that waiter with the not-nice-look for confirmation. And yes, for a restaurant named 'BREWSTERHOUSE' in which Brewster is a WESTERN NAME, with WESTERN ARCHITECTURE and WESTERN DECO, they only serve Nippon jin food. No pork knuckles so sorry folks.

Fantastic news to me! I knew what was my parents' next move yet I was compelled by my bitchiness to say:

"Well? Are we going McDonald's or what?"

"McDonald's it is."

While they were talking about how ridiculous the restaurant were, I secretly smirked my smuggest smirk ever.

Note - This event was excessively dramatised. It wasn't possible for me to write out the actual thing because I don't have a video cam's memory and also I'm very good at lying.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Few seconds without light

Everyday I read fanfictions. Today I read fanfictions. Since I have a one-week holiday, I don't have to worry about looking like panda the next day so I read and read and read until I forgot to eat, drink, pee, sleep, all those voluntary actions and that my name is- what's my name? Sometimes I can't help myself from purposely allowing myself to unconsciously forget everything.

Just as I was about to forget how to even breath, my cheap handphone saved my cheap life by playing my free self-composed crappy ringtone out loud (maximum volume). Of course, I answered the phone to stop the annoying noise from disrupting balance of human life. Unfortunately the subsequent sound received was more annoying; annoying enough to make all my brain cells die of vexation. (Note – My mom and I are hi-spec spec people who use handphones as intercom. We subscribed to Maxis Family Plan so it's free of charge to call. But mainly because I refused to use the house's intercom because I think it's annoying.)

"Dinner's ready," mom nagged vehemently with an auntie's pride. In my opinion, mothers need skill to nag proficiently like real old aunties. A lot of practises are required and they practise on poor husbands and children.

"Oh," I replied monotonically as I hung up. I'm lacking energy because half of my brain cells were dead.

Then and there, quite a few astonishing realisation struck me. The sky was dark, the whole house's first floor was illuminated by only one monitor screen and it was already half past eight. And I felt like shit after spending countless hours reading gay porn literary fictions of exotic genre. Although I love my computer, for the greater love for food, the time to part with my beloved was inevitable. Au revoir, mon amour!

After I'd switched off the monitor, my poor eyes can't detect light and it discreetly cursed my stinginess in saving a pathetic little bit of electricity. Because cheapskate's gene runs strong in the family, I pretended that I can't find the switches to turn the lights on. And also my emotional response to the absence of light is as stoical as a boring rock's reaction, so walking in darkness to me is like staring dumbly at a hamster running in a hamster wheel.

But before I went downstairs for food I had to get my retainer box first. This curse commonly known as wearing and removing retainers when eating is the aftereffect of dental braces. Children, dentists are not that bad compare to orthodontists. Back to the story, retainer box was in my room which is about 7 meters away from standing point next to computer. The surrounding was pitch black. I'm too damn stingy to turn on the damn lights. So my journey in the dark began. Like idiots in drama, I monologued during this pathetic 7-meter journey.

Dramatic soliloquy:
Che. Even though I see no shit, secretly I've a sixth sense so finding my way in the dark is piece of cake. I don't have to rely on light bulbs. I'm not really a fan of Thomas Edison to begin with. Besides, even without sixth sense, my sense of direction at home is awesome because undeniably I'm such a genius and have awesome sensory, short term and long term memories. I would NEVER get lost in my own house. In short, I'm just downright awesome. Not that I'm a narcissist or anything. Narcissists love and brag about their superiorities whereas I only… Okay, maybe I am a narcissist but so what? I'm so smart I don't need approval to brag. Ah ha ha ha! Plus given my remarkably high IQ, philosophical wisdom, calm and composed attitude, admirable dignity, great personality, fantastic-


Ouch! I forgot to leave my room door open for me to not bump silly into it. (Inner self: Yeah some bullshit characteristics you have there.)

No wonder children are afraid of the dark. (Inner self: That's not it. You're just awesomely stupid.)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Yay! I'd Kanda's favourite food for dinner! No soba though, just the tempura. And my mom made it Malaysian style - with brinjals, cauliflowers and green peas. I was actually hoping for the ingredients to be green capsicum, pumpkin and lotus seed which are Kanda's official very very few likes for your information. In case you're wondering, I'm knowledgeable of this because I memorised every detail of Kanda's profile in D.Gray-man fanbook. My hormones just would not let me leave him alone in peace free from fangirlism. Oh well it's TEMPURA so it does not really matter that much. Happy now ^^

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I want to facepalm

Ah... Biology papers. Damn I was not well-prepared. So many mistakes made. I screwed both paper 1 and 2.

These 2 questions made me look like the most idiotic idiot on Earth.
*cough* mutualism *cough*
Oh fuck. What was I thinking when I was doing this question? The answer is like obviously slapped in front of your face when you stumble upon this kind of question. I knew it was a one-sided beneficial interaction yet I happily circled friggin' A for APALAH!

Q: I'm a what?!
It was only after Tracy had asked her Bio teacher mom that we realised mama Q's genotype cannot be 'aa' because she's healthy and not an albino. I should not have cursed her. It's bad karma to simply assume people's fate. No wonder she has sickly child and grandchild.

Sometimes my half assed wit makes me so fucking 'proud'.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Help please

I think I am going insane. Not the fangirl kind of insane but really really insane as in psychologically challenged this time. I cannot even think anything properly for each second without worrying over something that is actually nothing. I do not know why but I think maybe it is because of exam pressure. I cannot even study last minute with a peaceful mind anymore. It is like the things I read are not forcing into my head the way I wanted. And I feel restless before I go to bed. Why is it happening now? I have never been this stressful in my entire life. What had happened to the carefree-go-lucky old me? This is weird. I am so confused and depressed. I could not relax at all. Maybe I am pushing myself too hard but then again since when have I started pushing myself?! Just now, I tried easing my worries by doing 8 rounds of Sudoku in succession but to an apparent no avail. How the hell am I going to sit for Biology papers tomorrow when I am so not prepared not to mention my mind is in a total mess?

This feeling... It is so painful to want to cry because your pride just would not let you.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A challenge

For a bullshit subject, EST paper 2 was too challenging. One question is so stupid it makes no sense to nonsense.

As I was cracking my quite empty head doing this one shit of a question, I was like 'the fuck' all the time since only swear words is in profusion in said head. No matter how many fucking ways I tried, the values will not add up to 100 percent. Then our school's photostat machine just had to be so awesome and produced award-winning 'excellent quality' copies of test papers until it made me wonder whether children under five get HIV since birth or through having convicted sex themselves. The latter will be the case if HIV is not included in the 23 percent of perinatal factor. Still, included or not included, look at the pie chart carefully, how can 23 percent or 31 percent if the percentages are added up seperately make up such vast section of a 360 degree circle. And if you study the question thoroughly like what I did by scribbling crap, it can be concluded that this question is too wrong to be wrong.

Also one not stupid question proved my suckiness in vocabulary to be valid and worrisome. It asked for the synonym of 'chronic' and I half-assedly answered with 'critical' when the true answer is 'recurrent'. I realised my mistake only after Jamie pointed this question out to Mr. Cheang, who answered it correctly without much thinking at all. Damn! Even he is better than me. How great.....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friedman lol'd from up there

I'm blur oh so blur. I used a bendy straw upside down (the top bendable part at bottom) to drink homemade coffee slushie. Better yet, I only realised it after I had finished drinking the whole damn thing.

P.S. Joseph B. Friedman was that wise ass who invented bendy straw. He kicked the bucket long ago.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Scientific discovery

I spotted an albino mosquito flying in front of my bathroom's mirror! Its extraordinary beauty was definitely not a deceptive façade foisted by mere reflection of the fluorescent tube's luminescence on an invertebrate's chitin. Although albinoism is deemed by researchers as a form of congenital disorder that deserves uttermost compassion from the world, this mosquito's spendid rarity had trounced all assumptions of helplessness. Flying elegantly with a cheery buzz barely audible to the human ears, with the mirror doubling its presence and dance of magnificent display, it was as formidable as God's genius masterpiece. A vivid impression was thus created. And imprinted in the observer's memory just in time before its flight of serenity was snatched away by an ever so familiar strike of two palms against one another.

Thermometer's sensitivity

I am so disappointed. Seriously adults just do not understand when to and when not to joke. Apperently I offended one elder with this little shit I wrote -

"Um.. in my opinion it's just like some method to cheat little kids into actually liking maths. Since the title of the clip tells us that it's how chinese multiply, it's most likely this case. Because thru' childhood experience, I learnt that chinese adults are very creative wehn it comes to bluffing children into doing something they dislike (e.g. bribing with foods, sweets and other cheap stuff for innocent children). To parents, don't deny it, all know it's true =)"

Nobody told me I would make parents of the world my enemy by presenting my point of view like that? Did I even mention that parents are no-good? Why must some people be so sensitive? For your information, all my life I have been talking worst behind your backs. It is a mystery as to why adults are so different from us even though they had the same experience of what we are going through now. Of course I would most likely get a positive feedback rather than a negative one if the recipient is of my age and understands me. Then I will not have to waste 15 minutes preparing a tiresome explanation which I hate writing. Because I feared disgracing my good old papa and mama and they would be like all emo and come after my ass. It is never their fault I am evil, I am just too smart for them. Anyway, I guess the mutual understanding does not really exist between adults and us. That is why I try so hard avoiding conversations with adults till the point of being labelled as unsocial and bitchy. However, I learnt another lesson today - always remember to switch to the serious-and-not-talking-rubbish mode when backchatting replying adults. And also I should not bully parents because they were once sexy and desirable but had lost their youth upon time and such sad cases need pity instead.

Friday, September 12, 2008

DGM episode 100

Yay Massacre! Strangely (and so fake), the supposedly red blood spilled is as dark as black colour. Come on, just because the blood in manga is spattered with ink does not mean it is really ink! Animators use some brains will ya. Nevertheless, the anime is still awesome! I love a martyred Allen. The level 4 akuma disturbingly reminds me of Qi Yen. Both share the same squeaky voice. Both display the same perkiness. The akuma has pixie wings which are so happen to be Qi Yen's favourite fancy reference. And I am positive that they are as alike as twins in appearance. Scary indeed.

Lenalee owns the next episode and will most definitely spam it with mary-sue-ism so most likely I will be skipping it. It is a good thing too since I desperately need to concentrate on my science subjects - to compensate for my failure in previously tested subjects. I only want to see more smexy Kanda in action and that infamous afterward OT3 scene from manga. Fufufu XD. Besides, I absolutely HATE LENALEE because she cries a lot, flirts a lot and more importantly, is trying to steal moyashi-chan from Kanda-pon. /self-implying

Too bad the anime is ending soon. Geez I was hoping to see the husband-wife fighting scene where Kanda and Allen spar with each other after the destruction arc, Kanda's gay butt and pants, that canon crack filler with chibi!Lavi chibi!Kanda, new uniforms and more Yullen missions. Such high hopes are unrequited. Never ask for too much. <-- lesson learnt from 'The Pearl' :D

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Temporary joy


Sejarah paper 2 was hard like hell and I 'oh shit'-ed at each and every question. Moral was pure torture as it fucking worked my right hand to almost death and wasted one-third of my 'expensive' RM1.20 pen's ink. Although most probably my results for these two subjects in report card would be none other than in 'pretty' red ink, I feel insanely happy that the two most annoying subject tests are over. This morning after I have just completed my answers for the final question in Sejarah (test is still going on), I wanted so much to abruptly jump and scream in sheer happiness. Crazy huh...

And yes it is time to empty all these junky syllabi from my head. Real memory minimum too low. Need to delete some data, so into the tong sampah!! (Rhyming unintended)

Also, I spent about 30 minutes doodling this shitty reminder below before exam. Did it with pride and hopes and even scanned and set this as desktop wallpaper. Sadly, it is completely useless against the ever so lazy me. Procrastination pwns.

The stupid reminder
Posted this in class blog too to share with all those lazy folks out there. Though I have some doubts - people are too busy studying to visit blog; not many/no classmates are/is as lazy as me; my doodle is not worth stealing; my self-torture list is scaring people off; people hate me because I always spam nonsense in class blog.

Since tomorrow we have only one simple Mathematics paper to take, and also because I am feeling kind of lazy right now, D.Gray-man fanfiction here I come! XD

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I suck at writing

Oh god. I am scared. It is disbelieving even to myself but this time the oh-so-great me is really really SCARED! My nerve is dangerously at its shattering point and this newfound skepticism of mine only serves in making matters worse. The desolated world of a burning hell of mine is going to freeze soon.

Today is just the second day of trial exam yet for various reasons I feel tired as if I have aged at least 20 years. Dead wearied physically and mentally.

Reasons that made me an old hag
1) I run out of alcohol to burn at midnight. 17 yearly resolutions made to change the habit of procrastination. All 17 resolutions broke.

2) I forgot to copy my objective answers to the back answer sheet of English paper 2. Curse my blurness! And also sleep deprivation. If I inform Pn. Helena tomorrow, I might be able to prevent the '0/15' from staining my pretty (if you ignore the messy handwriting) test paper.

3) I screwed Sejarah paper 1... because of insufficient supply of C2H5OH. I plan to screw tomorrow's paper 2 too, since I am already half dead might as well be fully dead. That would make life more complete.

4) I regret choosing question 3 for continuous essay writing. This reason emotionally affected the normally reticent me into feeling fear for once in quite some time. I have lost all pride in my writing skill and am really scared of getting low marks for screwing up one section of the test. Writing for that question was fun and all but after taking this decision into thoughtful account, I realised that I had just wrote the most stupid meaningless essay in my life for one most important examination ever. I completely messed up the plot composition in said essay! Not only did I write an inferior climax, my story's ending was so insignificant that I am convinced Pn. Helena would curse 'what the fuck is this shit' when marking this shit of mine. The metaphors I used sound literal even though I tried my best to make it metaphorical. My whole story is crummy and fishy. I am a terrible story liar teller. I utterly failed at writing! Why is it so hard to write this kind of essays when it is so damn easy to write nonsense in blogs? I swear I would never choose story format questions in the future.


I am too depressed to study Sejarah. I wonder how I should die tomorrow....

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Crappy pain after physics tuition

I am 17 and I do not know how to sleep properly. 3 hours of nap time in a what-the-hell sleeping position had caused one fucking appendage - commonly known as my left arm, to hurt like fuck and I cannot help myself from colouring the world with more colourful profanities.

I am so fucked. 5 days left till exam but I can still proudly exclaim, "I had finished reading 4 pages of Form 5 Sejarah text book!" *claps... sarcastically*

I should slit my wrist now.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Memory loss

I am stuck at Add Math chapter 5 since the month of July. Yes, I know I am that lazy and hopeless so do not laugh. Anyway I came across one problem – reflex angle. Er.. what is that again??

If I remembered correctly, all students in Malaysia will definitely learn how to differentiate between the types of angles - acute angle, obtuse angle, reflex angle, etc. when they enter their first year of secondary. This year is my fifth and final year and all I can say to particularly no one is that I am very, very proud and at the same time ashamed of myself because I amazingly managed to forget all simple wtf identities of angles after fidgeting with life for 4 years. Incredible eh... Ironically, I am an SPM candidate, will be sitting for trial papers in another 10 days but I think I should go back to kindergarten instead. Though I am well-disciplined enough to keep track of the days left, pathetically, I am downright too lazy to make use of those precious few days left to improve my lousy-since-standard-one result. And because the internet is so captivating, I do not have the heart to leave my dear computer alone after attaining me objective i.e. to find out what is the damn meaning of reflex angle so I decisively decided to read more D.Gray-man fanfictions as if I am some over obsessed mad person that feeds on fanfictions to keep mind sane. (Inner self: Hey! You DO that EVERYDAY and since when you are sane?)

I am feeling very sleepy now because it is friggin' 4 in the morning and old grandpas and grandmas are already waking up from their sleep, laughing at my pathetic state if they got the chance while I have my butt glued to a red PVC chair writing nonsense here. I have not even packed my school bag for tomorrow! I hate my hopelessness. Depends on my mood, tomorrow might finally be the day I commit jisatsu.

Of course, Add Math homework lay forgotten.

Friday, August 22, 2008


One, two, three, four ... Six.

I have wasted six days of my holiday study spree (supposedly) bitching and not studying. I have finally proven myself to be a bitch that failed at even failing and only knew how to make my MSN contacts' lives harsher by using countdown for trial exam as display name. Originally, that countdown was meant to be a silly reminder to prepare earlier for trials. Anyhow it turned out to be totally silly and not working despite the truth is that I am quite silly myself. So for now that countdown thing's purpose is mainly denoted at making all people except me suffer. (Hey! It is for your own good too!) Yes, I am an annoying jerk that finds human torture to be rather amusing.

Do have pity. I am trying hard to find excuses for everybody to hate and hopefully kill me.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I hate clothes

(Warning! This entry is rated PG-13 for language and obscene references. Allegations of whatever scandal would not be authorised under formal jurisdiction.)

Just outside bathroom, 0150 hour

I took a very late bath because I was accidentally too damn preoccupied with countless chapters of D.gray-man fanfictions until I forgot that I was all stinky and sweaty from one whole day of doing nothing notable again. Anyway, after having myself dried with towel and as I was putting on the top piece of clothing (shirt), I encountered this same old frequent predicament; I ran out of sleeping underpants and pyjamas pants... again! Shit. Immediately I interpreted that the house's imbecilic maid must be slacking. Weird people's cupboard like mine in which the total pairs of clothes in it equals to that in the luggage of a traveler on one-week vacation, requires constant update of clothings otherwise I would have ended up in the situation I was in just now. Being the impatient easily-provoked type, I felt like firing her and sending her ass straight balik kampung but all know I could not do that for various reasons so I have left no choice but to continue habouring all-out hatred towards all fucking immigrant dipshits that I discriminately hate so much. And to make even the devils laugh at my fate, everybody had to be dead sleeping like pig at this time of the night. I simply cannot go knocking at said imbecile's door like I usually do yelling, "hey you, I need ragged underpants and bottom pyjamas now!" My mom would nag at me. My dad would beat the crap out of me. My maid would spike my foods and drinks. Fucking maids in this country have fucking bullshit rights that allow them to whine to the world like bitches if they are self-assumingly abused physically, mentally, sexually, imaginably, etc. When those people start to get bitchy, only tiresome troubles ensue. The accused would have to go to court and bla bla bla some dramatic crying stories and graphics in newspapers... Maids these days are also exposed to too much television drama.

Even though I knew this attempt was most likely futile, I went downstairs hoping to get some pants regardless. There was a slim chance that this maid of mine was actually smart enough to realise that I might ran out of pants today and leave my ragged pants outside and not sleep with them. So if anyone has access to my house's CCTV data, he or she could see me walking around the house scandalously in towel.

Confirmed. No pants for tonight. Indonesian maid was stupid down-to-earth.

Great. I have to miserably put up with uncomfortable shorts and outgoing panties tonight. (Do not ask. I think my family has this custom to wear tattered clothes at home and reserve the good-conditioned ones for outgoing activities. Torn clothes = comfortable not-on-market clothes) Tomorrow I swear I will retaliate by working some slave unlucky enough to piss the almighty me at the wrong time to death. Maybe I will start with asking her to scrub the bathrooms with toothbrush..... *grins evilly*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Being random

Voice: Che.. you are always hungry.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why am I still alive? ... and feverishly talking rubbish?

A few minutes ago my heart was stabbed countless times and I died delightfully satisfied.

I so want this picture a poster! Just a side note, it is one of the covers for DGM DVDs (best cover among all!).

OMFG! BARE SKIN AND UNTIED HAIR and slight bondage!! *drools* THANK YOU to anybody who made that image possible! Though I have to admit, his anatomy does look a bit wrong and I wonder whether does he realise that it is very dangerous to be standing in that kind of posture looking like that. Horny teens like Lavi and Allen might not have enough self-controls to resist. They might do NSFW things to him like.... (Inner self: Shuddup!)

I need to calm down. *bashes head hard against computer screen*

Okay. Now I feel like crying in emo corner. I am too stingy, too poor, too young to preorder stuff online and do not live in Japan. Limited edition products excite my suicidal impulses.

Nevertheless I live my life to the fullest to witness Kanda's utter sexiness XD

~la la la la~

I should be studying. And dang I have wasted 4 days of this one-week holiday doing absolutely nothing useful. *dies again*

Not surprising. After all, I am one big cluster of an idiot because I do things like posting something I do not want people to read but if I really do not want anybody to read I would not have posted the damn thing in the first place plus it is not like this post will definitely get read anyway when I make it sound like it would since exam is drawing near and everybody must be busy burying their heads in those goddamned text books or reference books that forever lazy people like me hates to touch and heck why am I mocking myself with such long sentence of crap when the truth is I should really be fixing my problems instead of ranting to particularly no one in the middle of the night like some kind of desperate long-winded auntie which I hate to admit it but I think I am slowly turning into one despite the fact that in reality the most long-winded auntie in the long-winded world history of tiresomely long-winded long-windedness cannot be this long-winded because by now she should be seriously running out of breath so for once I am actually grateful that there is such a thing call blogging in the cyber world that does not at all figuratively require spitting of spittle from salivary and oral mucous glands of the human body which literally means people could avoid smelling another person's stinky from all that crapping breath and.... (Inner self: Will you just SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP?!)


Monday, August 18, 2008

Versus cockroach

I am adding a new ambition to my already many goals list. One day in the future, while the fucking sun is radiating its fucking happy and oh so carefree ray of sunshine, I will personally subdue all those happy-go-lucky roaches and have them transported to burn in seven depths of hell.

The story of how I came to become an extreme cockroach hater
It was 12 midnight and I went to the kitchen to dig for food. Spotted my prey (chocolate cookies). Then started to savour one piece. Rejoiced mentally for a moment because said cookie was yummy. Took second piece. Ate whole piece in one go this time. While munching with pleasure and damn I was enjoying myself, a small dark-coloured swift-moving mass of life caught my attention. I did not turn the lights on so I could not identify it immediately. At first I thought it was a lizard but a dark-coloured one is actually quite rare in my place. It could be a cockroach but then again, I just moved in and the house is new and clean and all. So far there is no sign of any pest but I could not say it is of zero probability though... Already had that suspicion in mind, I focused my slightly near-sighted eye lenses (was not wearing specs) and HOLY SHIT! That mass was indeed one big fat cockroach! Of course, my first instinct impulse was to send that shit to hell. Without much thought, I grabbed the thermal flask. Opened the cover in less than 2 seconds. Crept stealthily until close enough. And......


Ah hah! A direct and total pwnage! But wait... That shit just fled and vanished in the darkness of under the fridge. It fucking did not die!

Fuck! Why the fuck was it not fucking boiled to its fucking hellish death? Oh! Could it be....

Reasoning skills led me to one indication - which the hot water was not fucking hot! To confirm this judgment, I gestured my hand on top of the flask's opening. And to my horror, I sensed no steam, but a slight increase in my blood pressure. To support this inference with more concrete evidence, I poured a mini puddle on the table and felt it.


Okay, now to a more intense HORROR, hot water turned out to be COLD WATER! THE HOT WATER WAS FUCKING COLD FOR FUCK'S SAKE!

Blood pressure increased drastically. I was officially diagnosed with hypertension.

EEEE!! I felt like ripping out my own hair! I cannot stand that one cockroach survived from my torture-then-kill attempt when I want it dead no matter what and I was even more pissed at the fact that I failed at killing because I stupidly used some fucking cold water to fucking BOIL a goddamned fucking cockroach! So fucking mad was I that I had no mood to blame the person in my damn house responsible for making the damn hot water cold (most likely it was maid's fault... and nature's). Instead, I blamed the world for giving that piece of shit luck to live and reproduce happily while I am wasting my study time virtually cursing it in this blah entry that nobody reads.

This ecstasy of rage made me attacked the cookies excessively, without any pleasure at all this time. No mood for slow and time-wasting savourings. Finished the whole container of one-week lasting cookies. Also, I almost wore my bottom retainer at my upper teeth due to overwhelming anger.

I made a vow on the spot (in the kitchen). One day the world shall be free of nuisance pests so that bad-tempered humanity consists of people such as I could be a little bit more civilised and cease to scare the daylights out of their goody well-mannered decent parents with dirty foul-mouthed indecent language.


The knowledge gained from this incident
Foods are good tension reliever. I stress a lot over trivial and pathetic and useless and almost all matters, no wonder I am only getting fatter and fatter.

Phew. Ranting felt good.

Great. Finally posting a new entry after so soo long but this entry had to be nonsense again. Oh well I doubt anybody would read this anyway.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I'm thinking.... switch to livejournal? 'Cause LJ = Ling Junni ^^

Thursday, June 12, 2008

That explains things...

I found this personality test on one stranger's blog. And because I am a busybody stalker, I took it.

The results are pretty impressive.

My personality type: the analytical thinker

I swear the creaters must had stalked the stalking me.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Update blog?

To update or not to update? Maybe I should.. but I am feeling very lazy and emo and stupid and pathetic and.....

Monday, April 07, 2008

Le stupid tag

This random blog tagging thing has been going on for quite some time in class blog. Sokwai tagged me and because I am random too I decided play along. I first posted in class blog but this is actually the original version without censorship.

1. What is your favourite food?
Anything that's set before me.

2. Have you given your first kiss away?
Yes. A damn mannequin stole my first kiss during CPR a long time ago. (i did it unwillingly of course)

3. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, who are the 3 blog buddies you would take with you?
Blog buddies you say. Then i'll bring mr_blogger_A, mrs_blogger_A and mr_blogger_A_jr along cause it's so happen that this one big happy family wishes to go on a vacation and there's a high probability that mr_blogger_A's a descendant of Robinson Crusoe and mr_blogger_A's son's, mr_blogger_A_jr's form 1 sejarah teacher forced mr_blogger_A_jr to do project 'salasilah keluarga'. (note - bloggers tend to have weird usernames)

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
My emo corner.

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
For now, i want to own d.gray man. (a typical crazy fangirl eh..)

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Yes if only dispersion of sunlight which causes the formation of spectrum of light occurs as sunlight enters the raindrop. For more information on rainbows and dispersion of sunlight, go read your F4 physics text book/reference book or more conviniently, go

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
Ohh... many things. My life, my money, my computer, my internet, my dogs, my sanity, my oh-so-superior intelligence (ah-hem ah-hem), my illegal anime collection, my illegal OST collection, my hands (to do many things), my feet (to walk/run/hop/..), my hair (no way in hell i want to be a baldy), my virginity (*sweat dropped* isn't this the utmost value of a girl or woman?), my finished add math homework (WTF!), etc. etc. .. and also my friends (insert this for the sake of pleasing them and so that they won't kill me. See, i do have a heart... or not?? =P)

8. Where the heck is question 8? (check other people's tag, notice that no.8's missing?)
Because no.8 is a said lucky number, so to acquire this number the creater of these questions has to pay extra $$ (just like personalising car number plates) to me via PayPal or Amazon. The creater must have realised that this act violated her every right and therofore i was reported to administrator for my involvement in illegal trafficking or commonly known as the black market. (this is the most unlogical question and answer ever!)

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
A definate YES! I'm currently in love (more like obsessed) with ----- (secret), a fictional character from ----- anime/manga and i have been spamming 'love' messages in forums, blogs, fansites, LJs, comments, etc. Sadly my love (or obsession) for ----- is purely one-sided as it's not even real.. I have no life nia. *grows mushrooms in emo corner*

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
A human (it's good to be a 'civilised' homosapien, or you'd rather be a canis lupus or a felis catus) <---- did a bit of wiki searching to find what's the damn scientific name for a damn cat *Tracy: ah-choo!*
A girl (Feminism!! Fight for equality and domination! Men are worthless!)
A teenager.. for now (This is a no parents zone. Stay out! Trespassers will be eaten by whatever-carnivores alive)
Basically i'm referring these 'good' points to myself. What pathetic vanity.. blueh =X

11. What's the one thing you like about yourself?
I don't have to answer this question because i interpreted 'thing' as an OBJECT. No part of me is a 'thing', i'm not that low.

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
Nagging people (parents)
Annoying people (younger brother)
Narcissists (elder brother)
Paranoids (mother and younger bro)
Bastards (people that I assumed are bastards)
Fans that don't update their fanfictions (too many to list)
Bitching OCs (mary sues)
People that floods my inbox (email spammers)
Teachers that give unnessary homework (Pn. H-----)
Teachers that live on merepeking ('Maharaja' L-------)
The last two description's gonna cost me my head. Anyway, these are just some fickle rants of a deranged teenager >.< If any of the above somehow managed to describe you (unintended), don't take it seriously please. (note - don't take anything in this post seriously)

13. What is your ambition?
A slacker.

14. If you have fault, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
You like la.

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Scroll up to see answer in question 7.

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?
No. Money are meant to be kept in the bank, not in someone else's pocket.

17. Find a word to describe the person who tagged you.

18. What will you do when someone faints in front of you?
Depends on who faints. Certain people can be left to die for various reasons which do not need to be explained. Also, if it's needless, troublesome and annoying, i'll just walk away.

19. What makes you different?
Variations in physical appearance duh! Nobody looks/thinks/talks/acts/... the same

20. When is your birthday?
26th August, the same day the soviet union announces their success in testing the ICBM, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ooo.. how i loved this weapon)

People who I wanna tag... with price tags for sale =):
People whose names begin with the letter A, B, C, ..., Z. Particularly qi yen


Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dead Blog Alert!

This hopeless dead blog seriously needs some updating from this hopeless blogger.