Saturday, October 04, 2008

Lemang! I choose you!

My two previous ridiculously long entries prove that I'm a lousy blogger who failed at blogging properly like other great bloggers out there. Sometimes I really hate myself for making no sense and being so good at talking rubbish. This is one bad habit I need to change. But throughout my pathetic existence, I have been having problems dealing with my own problems. It has always been a difficulty changing any bad habit. That's why I can proudly exclaim, "I'm already seventeen but I'm still a total bad ass, be very afraid."

Before I go off-topic again like the paragraph I just typed, I'll try to cut short every crap I'm about to crap. And this will be a copycat version of another proper blogger's post; a post with photos; not with boring words only.

My mother would faint if my father brings home a second wife. She would also faint if my brothers bring home daughter-in-laws for her. But she would grow fatter if my father brings fatty food like lemang. In today's case, I'll not only have a fat and not sexy mom, we'll altogether be one big fat happy family who loves fatty food. Prior to Hari Raya (actually we used this as an excuse), my dad paid RM10 to a happy roadside Pak Cik for one big fat bamboo-stick of lemang. Everybody's happy during Lebarans.

The unhealthy food on today's lunch menu:
Lemang, but it was yum-yum.

With traditional rendang:
Spot the layer of rendang oil?
As if this lemang was not cholesteric enough, we had it with rendang uber high in cholesterol! I just gave away my secret as to why I'm so fat. And the truth is rendang oil tastes the best. There, another reason why I can never lose weight.

Set lunch menu:
A balanced diet *thumbs up*
For the fear of dying early due to heart attacks, we had green veggie and veggie omelette to cheat our fearful mentalities. These health conscious foods are very important indeed. Although, they are not as demanding as fatty lemang and rendang; we finished the lemang first and touched last the awful green veggie of yuckiness.


And finally,
The fate of a bamboo stick...
Glutinous rice in stomachs and poor empty hollowed bamboo stick abandoned under the sun. Bamboo cried cruelty!

Happy Hari Raya! =D

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