Friday, January 02, 2009

Oh ou moment

AHHH!! I totally forgot about my father's birthday today! I shouldn't have lost track of time and date; I didn't even realise that this year's a new year already. *sigh* I'm going to feel guilty for a while. But it's still not too late to give my regards even though we are presently in pretty bad terms and I think my existence is my father and men's worst nightmare.


Despite your bastard personality and the silent treatments we are giving each other, Happy 52nd Birthday! Man, you've grown old.

I'm not that stupid; I knew my father doesn't read stupid blogs (mine especially). This insincere message is just a pointlessly stupid way to make myself feel less guilty and prove that I [fill in this bracket with a correct verb] for papa but the truth is I'm just cheating myself again. In the end, I wished no "Happy Birthday" to the ever so busy patriarch of the house who I call the ultimate money making machine.

I hate my actions.

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