Friday, March 13, 2009


No straight As, meaning it's not the best but at least I got an 1A for Sejarah. I was expecting a B or a C so I guess I'm happy enough with it =)

Mr. Hamdan will be disappointed. 4 years of BM tuition lessons under him and all I can manage is a "lovely" 3B. But I'm grateful because if it weren't for Mr. Hamdan and his profiting from my wallet, I would probably get 7D or fail instead.

As for that one heck of a ridiculous subject AKA Pendidikan Moral, I don't friggin' give a damn. And you all knew exactly why. Full stop.

Oh well, I have nothing better to do so I dug out my PMR results from 2 years ago:

O.O My grades worsen..

(I noticed the paper they used to print our lovely results this year is of the crappiest quality among the two.)

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yukana said...

I wanna curse the friggin Moral paper too.

My anger towards that stupid subject is enough to set my results paper on fire.

Oh well, glad to hear that you're optimistic towards your result.

Government wanna save money mah. What to do? In the future they might just send our results through e-mails.

Tracy said...

wahaha we got same grades!