Friday, August 29, 2008

Memory loss

I am stuck at Add Math chapter 5 since the month of July. Yes, I know I am that lazy and hopeless so do not laugh. Anyway I came across one problem – reflex angle. Er.. what is that again??

If I remembered correctly, all students in Malaysia will definitely learn how to differentiate between the types of angles - acute angle, obtuse angle, reflex angle, etc. when they enter their first year of secondary. This year is my fifth and final year and all I can say to particularly no one is that I am very, very proud and at the same time ashamed of myself because I amazingly managed to forget all simple wtf identities of angles after fidgeting with life for 4 years. Incredible eh... Ironically, I am an SPM candidate, will be sitting for trial papers in another 10 days but I think I should go back to kindergarten instead. Though I am well-disciplined enough to keep track of the days left, pathetically, I am downright too lazy to make use of those precious few days left to improve my lousy-since-standard-one result. And because the internet is so captivating, I do not have the heart to leave my dear computer alone after attaining me objective i.e. to find out what is the damn meaning of reflex angle so I decisively decided to read more D.Gray-man fanfictions as if I am some over obsessed mad person that feeds on fanfictions to keep mind sane. (Inner self: Hey! You DO that EVERYDAY and since when you are sane?)

I am feeling very sleepy now because it is friggin' 4 in the morning and old grandpas and grandmas are already waking up from their sleep, laughing at my pathetic state if they got the chance while I have my butt glued to a red PVC chair writing nonsense here. I have not even packed my school bag for tomorrow! I hate my hopelessness. Depends on my mood, tomorrow might finally be the day I commit jisatsu.

Of course, Add Math homework lay forgotten.

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