Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why am I still alive? ... and feverishly talking rubbish?

A few minutes ago my heart was stabbed countless times and I died delightfully satisfied.

I so want this picture a poster! Just a side note, it is one of the covers for DGM DVDs (best cover among all!).

OMFG! BARE SKIN AND UNTIED HAIR and slight bondage!! *drools* THANK YOU to anybody who made that image possible! Though I have to admit, his anatomy does look a bit wrong and I wonder whether does he realise that it is very dangerous to be standing in that kind of posture looking like that. Horny teens like Lavi and Allen might not have enough self-controls to resist. They might do NSFW things to him like.... (Inner self: Shuddup!)

I need to calm down. *bashes head hard against computer screen*

Okay. Now I feel like crying in emo corner. I am too stingy, too poor, too young to preorder stuff online and do not live in Japan. Limited edition products excite my suicidal impulses.

Nevertheless I live my life to the fullest to witness Kanda's utter sexiness XD

~la la la la~

I should be studying. And dang I have wasted 4 days of this one-week holiday doing absolutely nothing useful. *dies again*

Not surprising. After all, I am one big cluster of an idiot because I do things like posting something I do not want people to read but if I really do not want anybody to read I would not have posted the damn thing in the first place plus it is not like this post will definitely get read anyway when I make it sound like it would since exam is drawing near and everybody must be busy burying their heads in those goddamned text books or reference books that forever lazy people like me hates to touch and heck why am I mocking myself with such long sentence of crap when the truth is I should really be fixing my problems instead of ranting to particularly no one in the middle of the night like some kind of desperate long-winded auntie which I hate to admit it but I think I am slowly turning into one despite the fact that in reality the most long-winded auntie in the long-winded world history of tiresomely long-winded long-windedness cannot be this long-winded because by now she should be seriously running out of breath so for once I am actually grateful that there is such a thing call blogging in the cyber world that does not at all figuratively require spitting of spittle from salivary and oral mucous glands of the human body which literally means people could avoid smelling another person's stinky from all that crapping breath and.... (Inner self: Will you just SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP?!)


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