Thursday, December 18, 2008


I can't believe it. I kept repeating, "Really? Really?". My mom actually let me buy a 30 x 45 cm cutting mat when I ask for it. A cutting mat costs RM34.90 which is darn expensive for a green shit- no I mean, green sheet (it's green in colour). I wasn't anticipating zero objection nor was I not certainly prepared for forbiddance but she pretty much surprised me at the end by giving the green light. I'm still having uncertainties about this because it really seemed like I've been dreaming again. Because seriously, I'd once dreamt about buying a cutting mat I longed for at an unknown store and woken up disappointed for not being able to pay up in time. Yes I wanted a craft (cutting) mat that badly. And that explains why I'm like on sugar high right now.

I have a craft knife at last too. Now I have just everything to make paper crafts! ^^ I love my kirigami tools. I love my parents, mainly because I love their money.

2 nods:

Anonymous said...

walao ... ur mum bought u a nice thing and tat is wat said ar? dun regret it later when she read it..

Junni said...

I won't. I wouldn't be writing this if I will.