Friday, December 19, 2008

I need stamina

Then I remembered today's evening and I'm back at feeling pathetically lame as always. I can't stand not even for half an hour of vigorous (to me only) tennis coaching, figuratively and literally. Literal because I sat down to rest my tired ass. Like fuck and I sucked! So now I'm pledging to you, from tomorrow onwards I'll keep exercising and exercising to boost stamina and lose all those WTF weights.

Must do it!

3 nods:

yukana said...

HEY!! U playing tennis? Me too!!! hehe so do you think it's fun? *putting evil grin that says'i'll rip ur head off if u say no'*

Junni said...

No, it's a pain in the ass. Just make sure you keep your own head intact from a certain someone here first when you try ripping mine. But you can always come to my house to play, there're tennis courts nearby. But I need to warn you that I suck at playing.

yukana said...

Ur house is like---VERY VERY FAR AWAY so i'll pass. thanks anyway =)