Monday, December 15, 2008

Food menu: Day 4 (Last Day)

Today's menu was so ridiculous I decided not to write it down. Because I broke a new record for waking up at 4:40 PM and had air for both breakfast and lunch. But I did have Nong Shim Kimchi Cup Noodle (again) and Jell-O (AGAIN!) for early dinner. Yay! *throws confetti*

After 3 minutes of cooking time, the "on-the-go" meal for lazy people looks like this:
Korean Mee 1
Every cup of ramyun (noodle) also comes with a free disposable folding spoon. Pretty awesome don't you think so?

Front view:
Korean Mee 2
The only shortcoming is that that rich bowl of copious noodle in the picture there fools people.

If I'm living alone outside, I'll eat like the past 3 and a half days. And I would probably die young. So I guess it's best if I don't leave my parents' house when I'm older. Then I don't have to worry about house cleaning, food, rent, electricity bill, tax and "not having enough time for quality family time" (this is just an excuse), and I'll be one heck of a worthless child. Now that's what I call a great future planning =)

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