Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thermometer's sensitivity

I am so disappointed. Seriously adults just do not understand when to and when not to joke. Apperently I offended one elder with this little shit I wrote -

"Um.. in my opinion it's just like some method to cheat little kids into actually liking maths. Since the title of the clip tells us that it's how chinese multiply, it's most likely this case. Because thru' childhood experience, I learnt that chinese adults are very creative wehn it comes to bluffing children into doing something they dislike (e.g. bribing with foods, sweets and other cheap stuff for innocent children). To parents, don't deny it, all know it's true =)"

Nobody told me I would make parents of the world my enemy by presenting my point of view like that? Did I even mention that parents are no-good? Why must some people be so sensitive? For your information, all my life I have been talking worst behind your backs. It is a mystery as to why adults are so different from us even though they had the same experience of what we are going through now. Of course I would most likely get a positive feedback rather than a negative one if the recipient is of my age and understands me. Then I will not have to waste 15 minutes preparing a tiresome explanation which I hate writing. Because I feared disgracing my good old papa and mama and they would be like all emo and come after my ass. It is never their fault I am evil, I am just too smart for them. Anyway, I guess the mutual understanding does not really exist between adults and us. That is why I try so hard avoiding conversations with adults till the point of being labelled as unsocial and bitchy. However, I learnt another lesson today - always remember to switch to the serious-and-not-talking-rubbish mode when backchatting replying adults. And also I should not bully parents because they were once sexy and desirable but had lost their youth upon time and such sad cases need pity instead.

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