Saturday, September 20, 2008

I want to facepalm

Ah... Biology papers. Damn I was not well-prepared. So many mistakes made. I screwed both paper 1 and 2.

These 2 questions made me look like the most idiotic idiot on Earth.
*cough* mutualism *cough*
Oh fuck. What was I thinking when I was doing this question? The answer is like obviously slapped in front of your face when you stumble upon this kind of question. I knew it was a one-sided beneficial interaction yet I happily circled friggin' A for APALAH!

Q: I'm a what?!
It was only after Tracy had asked her Bio teacher mom that we realised mama Q's genotype cannot be 'aa' because she's healthy and not an albino. I should not have cursed her. It's bad karma to simply assume people's fate. No wonder she has sickly child and grandchild.

Sometimes my half assed wit makes me so fucking 'proud'.

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