Saturday, September 13, 2008

Scientific discovery

I spotted an albino mosquito flying in front of my bathroom's mirror! Its extraordinary beauty was definitely not a deceptive façade foisted by mere reflection of the fluorescent tube's luminescence on an invertebrate's chitin. Although albinoism is deemed by researchers as a form of congenital disorder that deserves uttermost compassion from the world, this mosquito's spendid rarity had trounced all assumptions of helplessness. Flying elegantly with a cheery buzz barely audible to the human ears, with the mirror doubling its presence and dance of magnificent display, it was as formidable as God's genius masterpiece. A vivid impression was thus created. And imprinted in the observer's memory just in time before its flight of serenity was snatched away by an ever so familiar strike of two palms against one another.

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