Monday, September 15, 2008

A challenge

For a bullshit subject, EST paper 2 was too challenging. One question is so stupid it makes no sense to nonsense.

As I was cracking my quite empty head doing this one shit of a question, I was like 'the fuck' all the time since only swear words is in profusion in said head. No matter how many fucking ways I tried, the values will not add up to 100 percent. Then our school's photostat machine just had to be so awesome and produced award-winning 'excellent quality' copies of test papers until it made me wonder whether children under five get HIV since birth or through having convicted sex themselves. The latter will be the case if HIV is not included in the 23 percent of perinatal factor. Still, included or not included, look at the pie chart carefully, how can 23 percent or 31 percent if the percentages are added up seperately make up such vast section of a 360 degree circle. And if you study the question thoroughly like what I did by scribbling crap, it can be concluded that this question is too wrong to be wrong.

Also one not stupid question proved my suckiness in vocabulary to be valid and worrisome. It asked for the synonym of 'chronic' and I half-assedly answered with 'critical' when the true answer is 'recurrent'. I realised my mistake only after Jamie pointed this question out to Mr. Cheang, who answered it correctly without much thinking at all. Damn! Even he is better than me. How great.....

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