Friday, September 12, 2008

DGM episode 100

Yay Massacre! Strangely (and so fake), the supposedly red blood spilled is as dark as black colour. Come on, just because the blood in manga is spattered with ink does not mean it is really ink! Animators use some brains will ya. Nevertheless, the anime is still awesome! I love a martyred Allen. The level 4 akuma disturbingly reminds me of Qi Yen. Both share the same squeaky voice. Both display the same perkiness. The akuma has pixie wings which are so happen to be Qi Yen's favourite fancy reference. And I am positive that they are as alike as twins in appearance. Scary indeed.

Lenalee owns the next episode and will most definitely spam it with mary-sue-ism so most likely I will be skipping it. It is a good thing too since I desperately need to concentrate on my science subjects - to compensate for my failure in previously tested subjects. I only want to see more smexy Kanda in action and that infamous afterward OT3 scene from manga. Fufufu XD. Besides, I absolutely HATE LENALEE because she cries a lot, flirts a lot and more importantly, is trying to steal moyashi-chan from Kanda-pon. /self-implying

Too bad the anime is ending soon. Geez I was hoping to see the husband-wife fighting scene where Kanda and Allen spar with each other after the destruction arc, Kanda's gay butt and pants, that canon crack filler with chibi!Lavi chibi!Kanda, new uniforms and more Yullen missions. Such high hopes are unrequited. Never ask for too much. <-- lesson learnt from 'The Pearl' :D

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