Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Temporary joy


Sejarah paper 2 was hard like hell and I 'oh shit'-ed at each and every question. Moral was pure torture as it fucking worked my right hand to almost death and wasted one-third of my 'expensive' RM1.20 pen's ink. Although most probably my results for these two subjects in report card would be none other than in 'pretty' red ink, I feel insanely happy that the two most annoying subject tests are over. This morning after I have just completed my answers for the final question in Sejarah (test is still going on), I wanted so much to abruptly jump and scream in sheer happiness. Crazy huh...

And yes it is time to empty all these junky syllabi from my head. Real memory minimum too low. Need to delete some data, so into the tong sampah!! (Rhyming unintended)

Also, I spent about 30 minutes doodling this shitty reminder below before exam. Did it with pride and hopes and even scanned and set this as desktop wallpaper. Sadly, it is completely useless against the ever so lazy me. Procrastination pwns.

The stupid reminder
Posted this in class blog too to share with all those lazy folks out there. Though I have some doubts - people are too busy studying to visit blog; not many/no classmates are/is as lazy as me; my doodle is not worth stealing; my self-torture list is scaring people off; people hate me because I always spam nonsense in class blog.

Since tomorrow we have only one simple Mathematics paper to take, and also because I am feeling kind of lazy right now, D.Gray-man fanfiction here I come! XD

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