Friday, December 05, 2008

Taste buds died

It's true, I killed them. Wasabi + salt from potato chips junk food did the trick. My dad complained dinner's noodles were too salty, mom said they were fairly nice (because she herself cooked it), everything was an eating binge to my brother as usual, but said noodles tasted like flour in my mouth. Then Ceres orange juice tasted like cheap orange juice without its normal orange fruit sour.

Oh also I spent about 20 bucks on junk food after loitering at Cold Storage with Tracy today. Hence the wasabi potato chips that killed my taste bud. Tracy bought some too. I told her that we were mad. Actually I was mad first and then the reason she was mad too. Nevertheless I have no regrets. All hail (expensive) junk food! Banzai!

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