Monday, December 15, 2008

Food menu: Day 3 (14/12/08)

Breakfast menu
Air (woke up at 3:40 PM, nearly had air for lunch too)

Lunch menu
Nong Shim Shin Cup Noodle (Product of China) [!!]

Dinner menu
Supirrio Schau Essen Sausages
Milk and Cereal

Snack food
Kacang Putih
Again the crappy food from Taiwan
Cashew nuts
Jell-O [!!]

1. [!!] - awesome!!
2. The sausages tasted as fancy as its name. But what language is that?
3. I made 8 cups of Jell-O; ate 3 cups myself; 5 more left. I think I'll have no choice but to share when those.. *sigh* brethren come back.
4. I should have milk and cereal for breakfast instead.
5. The foods on today's menu are what we call a very unbalanced diet. Bad dietary habit + irregular sleep will really kill a person. Folks, don't copycat unless you're as suicidal as me.

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