Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Stupid clutch made me mati engine 3 times

So this was my second experience with a steering wheel. I really really manipulated the steering system of a real car like a real driver for real! Yes I did! Well my first was that of Genting Theme Park's bumper car with just one foot pedal. And when my height was below 137cm, I rode the kid's one. Then after I grew taller only was I allowed going for the adult's one. Back to the main topic, today's 3-hour driving lesson was indeed a great feat; I'd learnt, for the lack of better terms, new stuff. But I wasn't happy at all with this lesson. The steering wheel was awfully sticky as a result of recurring contact with human sweaty hands I presumed. The car I used was a crappy small Perodua Kancil (Class: K-car), Malaysia's best-selling car since it's first release years ago or more publically known as Malaysia's cheapest automobile. And damn that old man instructor for smoking right next to me. According to November 11 (from Darker Than Black), passive tobacco smoke contains 680 to 823 nanograms of carcinogenic nitrosamines, way larger in amount when compared to the 5.3 to 43 nanograms in smoke inhaled directly. (True?) Go to hell yourself old hag! The road and the world are better off without irresponsible people like that jerk. Because I seriously doubt he passed as an instructor. When he told me not to buckle up my safety belt, I gave him the longest WTF look I ever gave anyone on planet Earth.

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yukana said...

wahaha~ guess wat my first test drive i DIDN'T mati enjin oo!
Am i a genius or wat? ^ ^
my instructor also told me 'you don't have to buckle up ur seatbelt'
but he told me to check the seat. HAHA!!!