Saturday, December 13, 2008

Food menu: Day 1 (12/12/08)

Breakfast menu
Air (what I eat when sleeping)

Lunch menu
Nong Shim Kimchi Cup Noodle (Product of China)

Dinner menu
Fried long bean omelette
Boiled green vegetable (other than its green and from the Brassicaceae family, I don't know what is it)

Snack food
Kacang Putih
Some crappy food made in Taiwan
Cashew nuts

1. I'll have the whole house to myself for 4 days. I could have walked around naked if it weren't for that idiotic maid and CCTVs.
2. Nong Shim Cup Noodle is awesome. Ajinomoto for the win.
3. I ate in my mom's room but I kept it clean, at least to human visual perception. For e.g. when I drop some crumbs I pick them up or when I spill something I wipe them dry, removing all evidences and voilà, spic-and-span; no one knows; my mom won't kill me. I'm a genius.
4. Like fuck I care about healthy/balanced diet.

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