Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Family blog happy

Rediscovering the love of blogging crap.

My mom's blog (the dead blog):

My elder brother's blog (the alive blog):

That brat's blog (the half-dead blog):

My blog (the sick blog):
You're here already

My father's blog (the no blog):
Unknown User/Blog not found

My father should blog. I'll be his loyal reader... secretly. (I'm a stalking pro)

Hmm, I feel like creating a family blog. Then again, as long as I exist, it'll most definitely be spammed with nonsense.

2 nods:

YP said...

Your uncle Ya Ping's blog:


Junni said...

OMG! You read my blog! Now I feel embarrassingly stupid..

Oh I know your blog thru' mom. I'm just not really a 'religious' blog reader. Maybe I'll check it out sometimes.