Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tracy's Christmas Party

Tracy threw a potluck dinner at her place. I brought spaghetti and no one was surprised that the cook was none other than my one and only big mama.

Let's see... Jia Foong, Zhi Hui, Ee xin, Chin and Mei Ching were there too. I miss my ex-classmates. Just saying the "ex-" prefix pains me already. Oh shit I think I'm missing school. I'm supposed to be heartless remember O self? Oh well truth be told, the true me actually misses mocking them. I'm sorry people. I happily took revenge today when the opportunity knocks and I was back at being a bitch as always and man I grew to love mocking people more and more and I dare say... at that, I'm good... I know my selfish mockeries often hurt people very unlike myself whose feelings are like that of a boring rock but sometimes I really really can't help it. I'm still a sarcastic scorner who hates the world you see. So, sorry again, especially to Zhi Hui, she's the easiest among all victims to pick on. Okay I think it's time to drop this topic otherwise someone would really be searching for a voodoo doll to curse me and I'll be a battered mashed potato by the time I reach hell. I can sense from afar that I'm being hated.

Tracy lent me The Last Unicorn (1982 animated film). I just finished it. Interesting piece of work I say. Some music in it were wonderful, some were awful (I went WTF when that stupid unicorn sings one stupid song). And because I have a bad/good habit of knowing every goddamned thing about every goddamned thing I express interest in, and became my best buddies. Guess what I discovered this time: After said film's production, the main artists from the film's animation studio, Studio Topcraft, were subsequently employed by Hayao Miyazaki to work on Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and later became the core members of Studio Ghibli when it was first founded. *shocked*

The Last Unicorn is originally a novel. I feel like wanting that book.

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yukana said...

H-A-H-A (sarcastic laugh)
so i'm the easiest to pick on eh?
But i do enjoy ur sarcasm---SOMETIMES
keep on being ur sadistic self dude!
love ur layout btw. Whr did u get it?
*GASP* don't tell me you MADE it?

Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

oi zhi hui, u blur ah? go 2 d bottom of d sidebar

Tracy said...

eh really??!!

ya i totally agree wif tat unicorn siging part. when she sang 'now that I'm a womaaaann...' WTF... I like d part about d freak circus tho. d other creatures were awesome. and I loved tat crazy skeleton on d clock...

Junni said...

Go look up "sadistic" in your dictionary.

Your "H-A-H-A" is not sarcastic at all, more like lame. And if I remembered correctly, you enjoy being called lame, so take that as a compliment.

Lastly, don't border trying, I'll always win.

Junni said...

That's the stupid song! Ear can bleed...

The part where that skeleton drank an empty bottle of wine was pure epic!